I Am A Fly Not A Bee

Not a very catchy post title but the truth none the less.I have taken a few shots of the Hoverfly in the past but never knew what they were exactly. I found them almost exclusively flying around or feeding of flowers. It turns out the Hoverfly feeds on nectar, is a pollinator and an important player in controlling the aphids. They also can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Or simply put , I am a fly not a bee, though a very important fly indeed!


Slowing Down

Well I had a very productive and enjoyable three days. I still have tons to do on the kitchen remodel and need two new storm doors and a new side door. Yesterday I went up to Indiana and spent time with some of my family. I picked up some boxes of my folks to go through at their old house. After that I went to a viewing of the mother of one of my good friends. As I stood there talking to his wife I realized where the table was for the flowers was where my Pops body was less than a year ago. After the viewing I headed down to one of my favorite places, the shores of the mighty Ohio River in y old home town. Leaving there I headed home and started the process of deciding what to keep and what to get rid in those boxes from my folks old house. This morning I had a photo shoot down by the lake followed by removing the CV axle on our car, reinstalling the motors on our wood pellet stove and firing it up for the first time this Autumn, supper with some great friends and back home to hopefully slowing down and enjoy the last hours of my birthday.


Red Reflections

I have been digging through the way- back- files trying to find something worth posting this evening. This comes on the heels of The Bride and I getting home late after enjoying our local playhouse’s performance of “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. The show was so well done that I was seeing red at the injustice done no matter what time this drama would have played out in. Hoping to reflect my mood but also wanting to beĀ  hopeful, here is one I took of a model car setting inside the trunk of its twin but real car. Interpret it any way you want but this is my red reflections.


One Fine and Rusty Ford Truck

It has been an eventful stretch in The Brides and my life. I started the kitchen/dining room remodel a week ago. Today I got my answer on how we can remove and shore up a wall separating the dining room from the living room. In doing so I got two recruits to help do it. Bonus! Also this two days ago The Bride got accepted to the Nursing program at our local college! Now how to pay for it all and finish the remodel and the list goes on but I am excited to see how it is worked out.

Over the next few weeks I hope to get the remodel done and finish up a few outside projects before the weather gets to cold to do so. In that time I will be digging up snaps from the-way-back-file to share along with any new ones I can get. Till then enjoy one fine and rusty Ford truck!


Down Time Part 2

I was enjoying my down time yesterday I did find my ability to get a decent macro somewhat frustrating. But with my companion Butterfly and a backup camera, my Canon Powershot SX10is, it really was not problematic. One thing in hindsight is bees are not great posers. They are well busy you know and cannot be bothered with the paparazzi. I was able to get a few decent shots at the long end of the zoom on the Canon of a couple of wasps, my companion Butterfly and one of the views from my court side seat to nature yesterday.

IMG_3231 IMG_3206 IMG_3198 IMG_3292