One Cool Old Door

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Black & White Sunday: Architecture 02

In response to Cardinal Guzman’s challenge, as a guest of Paula’s @ Lost in Translation, here is one of a small town’s downtown. The first challenge I took a shot of this area with a DSLR. It was in the cold and the wind was ever-present with its wintry sting. It was also around 1AM Christmas morning and, though it was cold, there was a lightness about the place. I took this shot today (pictured in this post) with a 6 megapixel point and shot. The day was pleasantly warm but overcast by the time I could get out and take a few snaps. Instead of taking the shot in the same spot as before, I took it in the middle of the street. I wanted to show a contrast of how two shots of the same place can cast a different flavor if you will on the same place.

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Thursday’s Special: Abstract (Response To Guest Challenge)

I am a pretty boring photographer when it comes to being creative. When I read the title of Paula’s Thursday Special: Abstract I had to look up abstract photography and see what it is about. Well now that I am more than a little confused by conflicting definitions and ideas of abstract photography I am not about how I will approach it. Here are five photos I have taking in the last month of so. With the Winter weather and gray days that accompanied them I had to really search for things to shot. This took me out of my comfort zone but the challenge helped me “see” different photography wise. Here they are and you tell me if they are or they are not abstract.

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The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

Engaging in nature photography is my way of slowing down, keeping things simple, enjoying the moment and simply being. And when I see something for the first time, or in a new light, that is my reward. So when I was photographing these brown wasps as they feed among the White Aster I learned they are more than their reputation, they are a thing of wonderment.


An Example Of Nature’s Reclamation Program

IMG_0016I found this old photo earlier this week and decided to post it either today or tomorrow. As chance would have it I had zero opportunity today to take any new captures so by default this was today’s post photo. Later as I was cruising the Reader I came across Paula’s Thursday Challenge at Lost In Translation. I think this fits in perfectly with the it, at least it does in my little world, so I submit to you Thursday’s Special: Restoration.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rule Of Thirds

This is my contribution for The Daily Post photo challenge: The Rules of Thirds. Or more accurately me breaking the rule of thirds. Well not completely breaking it but interpreting it differently in this case.The starting point is one of the branches on our old Sycamore, though not whole it is still standing and magnificent to me. I wanted to share its wonder with the whole world and this challenge is as good as place as any. Here is a little back story on the process.

First off I was using my Canon PowerShot S3is for this capture so the bokeh Jen H was talking about was not going to happen. I did set the cameras aperture wide open but the limitations of the camera could never produce bokeh at the focal length needed for this shot. Not even close but Jen was talking about composition first, which is the heart of the rule of thirds. Bokeh is icing on the cake so to speak and her photo has a lot of icing ( just so you know I like icing so this is a good thing. A very good thing just don’t tell my primary care physician that). Secondly if I did use the rule of thirds I could not capture the essences of the tree. The branch is a good ten feet off the ground, so I had to choose instead to zoom in and get the things I was hoping to convey with the photo: The rich color, the wonderful texture and the scars time has left on this tree. In doing so I broke the rule of thirds but yet on the whole I stayed true to it as well. Confused yet? Me too, now scratch your head, then let it go and enjoy a part of a wonderful old Sycamore!


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