Little Know Fact

After five plus decades on this lovely Blue Marble even I can claim enlightenment that surpasses my ignorance, arrogance or apathy: When one is walking with someone they Love they take on the stress the other cannot. And vice versa. My Bride is in the home stretch of the RN program and we both have different survival strategies but the goal is the same: Finishing the Race. Love You Rae and RAWk On!

Uh, well then since this is a photo blog here is a photo.


Seven Day Photo Challenge: Day Seven

A fellow blogger, and cyber friend of mine, invited me to a Seven Day photo challenge. I accepted willing but my first post was followed the next day of the news of the Massacre in Las Vegas. I decided to throw out the technical rules of the challenge but still be true to the Spirit of the challenge. I have saved the best for last. In this capture I find hope, and above all beauty, because I am blessed to know this Octogenarian’s story in this season of her life.

This lovely Lady has been a regular presence in my place of employment for the last four plus years that I have been there. In the last few months her world has been turned inside out. With out going into details as to protect her privacy I say this: Most folks would have given up but not her. She still comes in as she is able and I and others are better for it. In this photo Her spirit is on display for all to see. I hope it Blesses you as much as it does me.