Eight Years On WP and Back Online

Eight years ago I started Pondering Things and Taking Pictures here on WP. The start of this chapter of my journey was the death of my career in the Recreational Vehicle business. Looking back I realize that from the ashes of death comes a rebirth, though  it is not easy and is in no way predicable. Some do not ever realize the truth in this but others do in spite of the odds. My Bride is one of those. After losing my “career” and seeking a new path to supporting us she decided to heed the call within her to serve others as a Nurse. From the beginning of this journey till now we have lost much: The death of her cousin at 32 years of age (Jessie and I had a bond most do not experience: He puked on my when we were babysitting him and his sister when they were wee little ones), the deaths of my Mom and my Pops and the responsible but hard decision to euthanize Our Boy Ficus, and two of our Pride, Teddy Bear and Momma cat. Not to mention My Bride losing her job and the our loss of financial stability with it.

Within the this framework I started this site to promote a view of what people think is ordinary at best  and indifferent at the least. And in the process I have learned a lot about us, me and thee. I hope to articulate this in future posts but right now I am glad we are back online after being off for three days due insufficient funds…welcome to the real world and Thank you WordPress for letting me share my little corner of the world. Here is a little a bit of pretty till the next time.


Back Pain, Self Promotion & A Bit Of Pretty

Sorry for the long post title but for the last three days back pain has been my consonant companion. Tomorrow I go see my dear bone cracker and get an alignment. The biggest alignment for me is to know when to ask for help and when to say “no” to things. One of those things I cannot say “no” to is promoting myself as a photographer. As the official photographer of our local theater I get several perks. One is they want to promote me and me photography. I hide behind the lens for a reason…….seriously outside my comfort zone but I am going for it. Which in today’s society is a FB presence and such. So for the next week or so I have to promote myself so I can elevate others and their causes. In the mean time here is a bit of pretty from our place.


Not So Mellow Yellow

The last couple of days have been a challenge, not like the last oh say umpteen thousand + haven’t been, but this is due to a specific reason: Back pain. Because of this I want to publicly apologize to all who have said “I can’t does this or that, aka work or do a specific task because my back hurts”, and I though to myself ” You look fine to me so buckle up buttercup and get er done”. I humbly repent for being a judgemental  ass hat jerk because the struggle is real. Since I have no new pics for you I do have a pic from our wildflower garden that has me feeling not so mellow yellow!



What We Do Is Important Part II

In a previous post I was trying convey to let others, via a personal story,  that what one does truly matters. At it’s core was the message that others are watching us whether it is good, bad or indifferent. This past Sunday this became even more up front and personal for me. As a photographer, and as a drummer, what I do is in my minds eye a supportive roll. Not out front and center but a metronome for the music and for the narrative I capture with my camera. Though this is all true I really never believed what I did mattered. Till now. Thanks to all of you who serve the arts and the larger grand scale of life because what we do is important.



It has been far to long since I have taken part in one of Paula’s challenges. I have for the last two nights tried once again to dress up the pig my site. As it is with any project i am on, well things are not going as planned. So instead of kicking the computer can down the road I took a break to do, well anything. Part of that is taking part in this challenge.

This is a pic I took back in December of 2012. It is of my Mom’s dog Lil’ Bit as she moved from my Mom’s side in her last days, to my dad’s side. It was originally in color but felt it would look good in B&W. I revisited this photo an interviewer asked me of all the photos I took which was my favorite photo. Like a parent with a hundred kids it is hard to say which is your favorite but this is in the top 3.

IMG_5032 - Copy copy1


Advise From My Bride

It has been a long road that My Bride and I have been on for the last four odd years. As she has worked through one challenge, and one revelation after the another in her pursuit of a nursing degree, she has been an inspiration to me and others as well.  A couple of night past ,as we talked before drifting into the sweet embrace of sleep, she said something to me that let me see her in a new light, even after a couple of decades plus of being her friend: ” Don’t dream it, be it!” Good advise to a dreamer like me.

DSC00106 - Copy copy

Tale of Two Tails

As I try to figure out the look and feel of my site, and growing weary and frustrated with lack of real-world computer skills, life still goes on. There is my normal work schedule plus my new gig as the photographer for our local theater & playhouse. Oh, and my Brother’s handy man on a project at his house, 50-ish mile away as well as being the photographer for my work’s Volunteer Fashion Show as I mentioned in my last post this past Friday. Lot on my plate but good stuff all in all.

Several weeks back we got to dog-sit a very wonderful but fiercely independent Pomeranian for a friend of ours. The plan was to go to her house and me and my Bride would rotate evenings for me, and mornings for her. On my first rotation I opened the door and the house was greeted by a blast of hot air. Her A/C had died. Packing him up I headed home to what I thought would be a long week of little Guy against my tiny herd of animals. There was no need to worry all worked out well for all concern.  Well with the inside pack all was well but Butterfly my outside huntress simply tolerated Guy’s presence with hisses and the Evil- Eye.

My hope is to have this site ready to educated folks on Pollinators and our place in their world by the end of the month.Truthfully, I will need  to call in outside help with this site because as cool as this looks it is not user friendly as I want it to be.Till the next time here is a photo of Guy and Butterfly on their best behavior and one of a Chicory bloom from this raining morning.