Being White Is Not My Choice

In the light of the appalling behavior displayed in Charlottesville, Va I must speak out, not in a grandiose way, but in a humble and simple way why such behavior is simply wrong-headed. You see my Mom, from whose womb I was birthed, was a white woman. The man who helped conceive me, my Pop’s, was white. The bottom line is I am white by birth. I am neither proud or ashamed of it. It simply is the color of my skin.

What I do choose is important. I do choose to fight against my biases and seek common ground with all whom I come in contact. My circle is small but colorful and life is never B&W if we want to be truthful. Yet respecting others and how others look at life, live life, is to understand the problems and challenges all of us have in trying to make it in this crazy world.

Posting this to this place, which is about seeking beauty and learning about natures awesomeness, is out of my norm. Which after the last year normal has being kicked out of the window and the ugliness has become much more of an in-your-face affair to sat the least. But even though this is not my usual post I could not sit in silent any longer. Since silence does not make me healthy I am thinking about firing up my old place Pondering Things and Taking Pictures. But for the here and now, and into the future, here is my declaration and I will do as best as humanly possible: I reject hate and I choose Love.

Peace~ John

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Vacuum Leaks Suck, Not, and A Little Lady

My car has been giving me fits for about a month now, and because of it my time has been reduced to snapping not taking snaps. That is one of the reasons I haven’t posted here as much as I would liked to. For a little bit of back story on my car woes: I talked to the previous owner and he said the repair shop he had looked at it for him said the cylinder head had to be removed to fix it. This issue I was unaware of at the time I got the car but it was given to me so I cannot complain about that. Yet my solution around this problem* was not sufficient as the problem continued to worsen.

At this point I took it to another repair shop for a second opinion. They told me there was a huge vacuum leak and I needed to take it to a shop who specialized in engine work. As the husband of a nursing student that was not an option. So instead I looked at videos of how to do the repair myself. What I saw in the videos did not line up with the gloom-and-doom stories I was told. So after looking at the car one night after work I found and fix it, well this problem at least, for under $4.00. The problem was about as big as a Lady Bug but not as pretty.



*( I unhooked the negative cable about an hour before I drove the car. This reset the ECU an TCM and fooled them into thinking there were no problems, aka codes.)


Eight Years On WP and Back Online

Eight years ago I started Pondering Things and Taking Pictures here on WP. The start of this chapter of my journey was the death of my career in the Recreational Vehicle business. Looking back I realize that from the ashes of death comes a rebirth, though  it is not easy and is in no way predicable. Some do not ever realize the truth in this but others do in spite of the odds. My Bride is one of those. After losing my “career” and seeking a new path to supporting us she decided to heed the call within her to serve others as a Nurse. From the beginning of this journey till now we have lost much: The death of her cousin at 32 years of age (Jessie and I had a bond most do not experience: He puked on my when we were babysitting him and his sister when they were wee little ones), the deaths of my Mom and my Pops and the responsible but hard decision to euthanize Our Boy Ficus, and two of our Pride, Teddy Bear and Momma cat. Not to mention My Bride losing her job and the our loss of financial stability with it.

Within the this framework I started this site to promote a view of what people think is ordinary at best  and indifferent at the least. And in the process I have learned a lot about us, me and thee. I hope to articulate this in future posts but right now I am glad we are back online after being off for three days due insufficient funds…welcome to the real world and Thank you WordPress for letting me share my little corner of the world. Here is a little a bit of pretty till the next time.


Back Pain, Self Promotion & A Bit Of Pretty

Sorry for the long post title but for the last three days back pain has been my consonant companion. Tomorrow I go see my dear bone cracker and get an alignment. The biggest alignment for me is to know when to ask for help and when to say “no” to things. One of those things I cannot say “no” to is promoting myself as a photographer. As the official photographer of our local theater I get several perks. One is they want to promote me and me photography. I hide behind the lens for a reason…….seriously outside my comfort zone but I am going for it. Which in today’s society is a FB presence and such. So for the next week or so I have to promote myself so I can elevate others and their causes. In the mean time here is a bit of pretty from our place.