An Artist Trying To Find Balance

Last night was a much longer night that I had planned it to be but I was pretty sure I could have my cake and eat it to. Not so Mon Frere, not so. As my roll as the  photographer for my local theater, The Hardin County Playhouse, I had planned to do just that: Take photos of the play and use one of the casts members video camera to shot video and be home in bed by 10pm.

Alas the universe had other plans than mine…….so when I got home and in bed @ 2am I was still confident I could be up and be able to back-up the praise band at 8:30am. My body rebelled and I had to call in as a no-show. Honestly I am both happy and bummed all at once. Why? I was able to go the extra mile for one set of circumstances but not able to meet my obligation for the other.

This is a real struggle for those of us who are artist no matter the medium: Finding balance between being true to our obligations, ourselves and the Giver of this gift of an Artist Heart.

Here is a couple of pics just because: One is from the shoot last night and the other of a very cool old tobacco barn.


Feeding the Birds

Normally I would not have a bird feeder on our place. The reason? Our feline known as  Butterfly the Cat is a mighty hunter but as she is now entering her second decade of life,  likes inside life better than outside life. As I watch the birds feed and flutter about she seems to enjoy doing the same.  Here is one from the feeder on our place.


Getting Back On Track

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything anywhere but it is good to be back at it. To make a long story short My Bride failed out of her RN program be .643 and the PTB informed her she had to start all over. Well we ain’t going back we and have a plan, well to steal a quote from one of my favorite movies, 12% of a plan. I will keep you all informed about next steps, and as this has been a one crazy journey, you all may want to buckle up cause’ we are getting back on track!

2011 12 18_0897.JPG.1




Our Corgi Teddy loves to go for rides. So when I went out to run a few errands he rode shotgun with me. Now I have to confess that when we go through drive-troughs he always, I mean ALWAYS, thinks he is going to get a treat. Some times he does so I get it when he gets that “expectant” look on his face. So when I had to get some cash from the our bank’s ATM he started off with the “expectant” face shown here.


When I told him it was not that kind of drive through he gave me this face: What?


Enjoy this face as much as we do!