A Little Bit of Lovely


Passing Through

The bird feeder on the place is a place where all are welcome. Ever once in awhile a few drop by as they migrate to their summer breeding grounds and such. Three of these lovely birds stopped by over the weekend to fuel up and then they headed on down the road. I am not sure what they are but I am glad when they stop as they are passing through!

Lightning Tracks

A few weeks back we had a severe storm pass through our area. The next morning I noticed some branches on one of the trees had been striped bare on the top side. Having never seen a tree up close that had been struck by lightning I could only guess that was what had happen. Several days ago we had a gusty, and at times high-winds, kind of day. While walking the Boyz (That is what I call my dogs) I found this branch laying across our little potty-circuit and picked it up.

To my astonishment it was more like picking up a feather than a branch. Looking at the branch I was amazed how barren and smooth the top half was where the lighting embraced it but the bottom length was left untouched. Then I inspected the branch and discovered this: the path that the lighting took to reach the earth. As a lover of Nature and all the cool stuff it does I am glad I was not a tree that day of the storm.

Peace~ The Jagged Man

Chip the Chow Hound

Meet Chip the hound/shepherd mix that has been part of the pack for about three years now. I call him my chow hound because no scrape of food is safe nor does it go to waste. Chip makes sure of that for sure. Nor is a sandwich or piece of pizza safe on the kitchen counter. So here is Chip for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do…and as he enjoys food, seriously he is a hot food loving mess….Peace The Jagged Man