One of Life’s Little Surprises

This morning after I drank my first cup of Joe and reading  the news I headed out to clear my head using my favorite form of therapy: Nature Photography  Therapy. Now for those who know about this type of therapy the initial consulting fee (Buying a camera, lens, extension tubes, tripods, extra batteries, etc..) isn’t cheap but it is well worth the investment!


Since about the middle of August I have been waiting for the Jewelweed plants on our place to start blooming. With more than average rain they have bloomed and are thrive much to my delight. The blooms(above photo) are great source of food for Hummingbirds and all types of pollinators. After taking  the above photo I began setting up for a closer shot when I got a little surprise (see photo below). As you can see by the size of the bee that the Jewelweed has a very small bloom but has a big role to play in nature. Till the next time, Peace.



There are just a few places on the worldwide web I love and this place is one of them. Paula is a gentle soul who challenges my jagged self. Another person, not place, that challenges me is My Bride ( who is in my contribution to this challenge). The photo I submit is in B&W and shot in an old to town in my corner of the world. Back in the day this town was just that: Black or White. With recent tension being what they are I felt the connection may not always be that simple but something deeper. Either way they can help repair the infrastructure of our corner’s of the world, and build bridges to others places, or divide us into B&W. Look at the grey, and that is where the details lay within, and there you will see truth. Color covers but B&W makes us see the grey.  Peace~John


Being White Is Not My Choice

In the light of the appalling behavior displayed in Charlottesville, Va I must speak out, not in a grandiose way, but in a humble and simple way why such behavior is simply wrong-headed. You see my Mom, from whose womb I was birthed, was a white woman. The man who helped conceive me, my Pop’s, was white. The bottom line is I am white by birth. I am neither proud or ashamed of it. It simply is the color of my skin.

What I do choose is important. I do choose to fight against my biases and seek common ground with all whom I come in contact. My circle is small but colorful and life is never B&W if we want to be truthful. Yet respecting others and how others look at life, live life, is to understand the problems and challenges all of us have in trying to make it in this crazy world.

Posting this to this place, which is about seeking beauty and learning about natures awesomeness, is out of my norm. Which after the last year normal has being kicked out of the window and the ugliness has become much more of an in-your-face affair to sat the least. But even though this is not my usual post I could not sit in silent any longer. Since silence does not make me healthy I am thinking about firing up my old place Pondering Things and Taking Pictures. But for the here and now, and into the future, here is my declaration and I will do as best as humanly possible: I reject hate and I choose Love.

Peace~ John

Not White.jpg