Earth’s Little Secret: Dandelions Are Good For The Planet

For years I have witnessed the home-owning masses lose their every- loving minds over Dandelions.” Kill the “weeds” at all cost, even if there is a negative effect of using poisonous chemicals to do so” says they. Yet the evidence seems to show they are the first, and maybe the most contestant , source of fuel to our pollinators. Long live the Dandelions!


“There Ain’t No Sunshine…..

…when she has been gone, and she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away” to quote Bill Withers awesome song,  I am here to tell you she needs to get her butt back here soon. In the last few months overcast skies and rainy days out number days of sunshine by a wide margin. We the people are feeling the strain and since taking walkabout to find blooming things is not an option I have to do with what I am presented. This shot is of flower arrangement a friend of My Bride sent her. Till Blue Skies come and visit this will have to do till the next time. Peace~John

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