An Example Of Nature’s Reclamation Program

IMG_0016I found this old photo earlier this week and decided to post it either today or tomorrow. As chance would have it I had zero opportunity today to take any new captures so by default this was today’s post photo. Later as I was cruising the Reader I came across Paula’s Thursday Challenge at Lost In Translation. I think this fits in perfectly with the it, at least it does in my little world, so I submit to you Thursday’s Special: Restoration.


Several From Around Our Place

The Bride and I took a walkout our place today. It was pleasantly warm out but we were accompanied by a nice crisp coolness mixed in by the wind. Here are several from around our place. Enjoy!

I do not know the name of this little blue flower but I like it. If anyone knows please leave a comment. I have dedicated a few hours looking online to no avail.
“Hey what you looking at?”
A fallen leaf for your viewing pleasure.
Small White Wood Asters being “cradled” by the Golden Rod. The focus is not great because I am still having handling issues with my PowerShot SX260. I like it anywho!
The Boy picks up scent. Cute isn’t he?
A Spotted Touch-Me-Not nestled under a bush.

Beauty From The Day

I am a partial to Autumn and all its’ wondrous smells, chills and color shape shifting skills. So today I took a few on the fly shots of the last of Summers almost as wondrous Beauty. Enjoy!

This little bee was a bonus in this picture. Though I get the feeling he was giving me the “What are you looking at? “stare.
I tried the digital end of my zoom out on the PowerShot SX260. This Monarch came out pretty good, though it was hard to keep it stable, at the long end of the zoom.
This Indian Blanket is beautiful till the end.



First Roses of Spring

A dear friend of mine has a wonderful garden or three and the roses along one of brick path’s are blooming. I love roses but have a hard time photographing red for some reason. Oh well, here they are in all their glorious imperfection. Enjoy!

A rose photographed with my Canon SX260
A rose photographed with my Canon SX260
A rose photographed with my Canon SX260

Meet The Canon SX260 HS

I got this camera a week and a three days ago so I am still learn my way around. I have used the Live and Programmable modes so far. These are three I took today that came out half way decent. Enjoy!

The Bride says it is time for me to get a haircut when my head starts looking like this.
I found out how to shoot in B&W finally. Next time maybe I should read the directions.
A stray petal from Grandfather Apples dwindling blossoms.