Late February Moon



Inside The Globe

As the silly season quickly approaches we in the Thrift Shop biz have our version of Black Friday. At our shop this is the biggest fundraising day for us. Since we are part of a non-profit it is especially helpful to us and our mission. I take pictures of the setup, and of the big sales day, to help us promote it for next year and hopefully drive up donations of goods to the shop….also it help us remember how we set it up since we are brain-dead by the end of the day. One of the items that are donated I enjoy is the snow globes. It harkens back to my youth I guess but none the less I find them to be a simple pleasure and one that is hard to photograph. Here is a bear in a Santa suit inside the globe.


An Apple Blossom From A While Ago

I took this back in the Spring of 2012 with my Canon Powershot SX260HS. Though I am sure I have posted this pic before what I  really wanted to do was post a photo I was working on using Topaz Simple 4. I wanted to but it sucked  I was not pleased with it, and besides I am tired, so here is an Apple Blossom from a while ago.

2012 03 31_3307

Supermoon From Last Night

I took this with my Canon Powershot SX260HS using the side of a telephone pole as a prop. I shot it in “Live” mode which allows me to adjust the temperature, color range ( vivid to neutral) and how bright I want it. Though I decided to not crop the shot I had to do a high pass sharpening on this pic.The lack of a tripod and being that at 39X zoom I was into the digital end of the zoom a bit it needed a little love. I was hoping for another pass with the SX260Hs tonight but we are boxed in by rain and such. Till the next time remember to take the shot…….and enjoy the moment.


The Stray Garden On The Way

There is a strip of grass that butts up to the beginning of a few blocks of low-income and government supported housing. Though it is a busy street, and maybe to some a semi-scary street, a local business owner thought that small strip was worthy of a garden. If one looked at it a glance one would think it was a stray garden but in fact it is an act of love. Here are several shots of some Eastern Purple Coneflowers that reside in the stray garden on the way. IMG_0001 IMG_0007 IMG_0025 IMG_0018

Indian Blanket After The Storm

Early AM this day was great by one heck of a storm: Rain, cloud to cloud lightning, hail and shear winds. In its path a lot of folks plants and flowers took a beating, along with many tress and power lines, but the little stripe up the road seemed to fair fairly well. I am glad since this Indiana Blanket flower has a relatively short life span I had zero captures of them this year. So here is an Indian Blanket after the storm.

IMG_0001 copy