The Stray Garden On The Way

There is a strip of grass that butts up to the beginning of a few blocks of low-income and government supported housing. Though it is a busy street, and maybe to some a semi-scary street, a local business owner thought that small strip was worthy of a garden. If one looked at it a glance one would think it was a stray garden but in fact it is an act of love. Here are several shots of some Eastern Purple Coneflowers that reside in the stray garden on the way. IMG_0001 IMG_0007 IMG_0025 IMG_0018

Indian Blanket After The Storm

Early AM this day was great by one heck of a storm: Rain, cloud to cloud lightning, hail and shear winds. In its path a lot of folks plants and flowers took a beating, along with many tress and power lines, but the little stripe up the road seemed to fair fairly well. I am glad since this Indiana Blanket flower has a relatively short life span I had zero captures of them this year. So here is an Indian Blanket after the storm.

IMG_0001 copy

Old Stone Walls Embrace Red Doors

I passed a church today that I have been by many times but never stopped and took pictures of it. I have passed this church, which is I believe I read was around two-hundred years old, for three years as a charge of a former employment setting. Today I had to venture two counties over and pass this church in search of a part for my new-to-me-ride, The Blue Broom. Since I did not have anybody but me to answer to today, I stopped and grabbed a few captures. Here is one of from the day.