Old Stone Walls Embrace Red Doors

I passed a church today that I have been by many times but never stopped and took pictures of it. I have passed this church, which is I believe I read was around two-hundred years old, for three years as a charge of a former employment setting. Today I had to venture two counties over and pass this church in search of a part for my new-to-me-ride, The Blue Broom. Since I did not have anybody but me to answer to today, I stopped and grabbed a few captures. Here is one of from the day.



Jingle- Jangle

The Bride’s and my staycation took a three-day detour but we are finally had a day to ourselves. It ended with barb-q and started with a western omelet that was stuffed with local produce and prepared fresh to order. And many cups of Joe in between. Pics of that  I will post later but till then here is my take on Jingle-Jangle (in B&W)!



Well they ain’t spurs but they are pretty cool none the less Partner.

A Few On The Fly

Here are a few shots I captured out of the window of my little world.

Have not had time to check out what type of bird this is but he was a little poser!
A sweat bee hitched a ride with me. Beautiful color and polite as well…..did not even try to sting me.
Just thought this garden globe looked cool….
The perfect combination: Beautiful skies and green things!

All pictures were captured with my Powershot SX260HS