Little Bird

I have no idea what kind of bird this is but he posed, and is cute to boot, so that is good enough for me. Say Hi to a little bird.



A New Challenge

Today a friend requested that I take photos of the birds that come to their feeder. They want to have them turned into prints and they will hang them through out their house. Well after taken some causal captures of a friends girls this afternoon I went over and looked over the place logistically, where to position myself, find when and where the sun was the best, etc. Turns out it is not in the afternoon so over the next several weekends I will be driving out to their place and trying my hand capturing birds in photographs. Here is one I took this evening and I am looking forward to a new challenge.


A Few On The Fly

Here are a few shots I captured out of the window of my little world.

Have not had time to check out what type of bird this is but he was a little poser!
A sweat bee hitched a ride with me. Beautiful color and polite as well…..did not even try to sting me.
Just thought this garden globe looked cool….
The perfect combination: Beautiful skies and green things!

All pictures were captured with my Powershot SX260HS