A Cardinal Alighting On A Branch

After the events of today I needed a little nature therapy. I grabbed my camera and headed up the road looking for some color.Then I saw this Cardinal. I started tracking this Cardinal hoping it would land close so I could get a good shot of it. He was quite active and I was watching to see if there was a spot he was favoring. I was not having any luck so I just stopped and watched him flirt around a bit. I saw him land fairly close to me and decided to try tracking him with my camera. Suddenly he took off and landed on this branch and I quickly snapped this shot. Score! I not only had the pleasure of watching a beautiful bird but I got a lucky capture as well. The therapy session was a success.

I took this with my Powershot SX260HS
I took this with my Powershot SX260HS

Seed Head

Dandelions are to many a nuisance. Yet others use them as an herbal medicine or for making wine.  For me they are something else entirely. I simply like taking pictures of them. The composite yellow flower is beautiful in color and a great feeding station for early pollinators. I have several photos already this year with some type of bee getting loaded up on pollen and nectar. Then there is the seed head. That is when the Dandelion starts to look like Albert Einstein’s hair. There is never one seed head that looks like the other, sort of like snow flakes, well to me anyway. So here is a seed head I took on a walk this weekend.

I took this with my Canon Powershot SX260HS
I took this with my Canon Powershot SX260HS

Where Rust and Old Barn Wood Meet

The old barn on our place is a wondrous place. Though bent and twisted with the weight of time it stands as a reminder of a time past. This capture of an old hinge holding an even older door in place sends me back to a harder yet simpler time. I now present to you a moment in time where rust meets old barn wood. Enjoy!IMG_0014

Several From Around Our Place

The Bride and I took a walkout our place today. It was pleasantly warm out but we were accompanied by a nice crisp coolness mixed in by the wind. Here are several from around our place. Enjoy!

I do not know the name of this little blue flower but I like it. If anyone knows please leave a comment. I have dedicated a few hours looking online to no avail.
“Hey what you looking at?”
A fallen leaf for your viewing pleasure.
Small White Wood Asters being “cradled” by the Golden Rod. The focus is not great because I am still having handling issues with my PowerShot SX260. I like it anywho!
The Boy picks up scent. Cute isn’t he?
A Spotted Touch-Me-Not nestled under a bush.

Beauty From The Day

I am a partial to Autumn and all its’ wondrous smells, chills and color shape shifting skills. So today I took a few on the fly shots of the last of Summers almost as wondrous Beauty. Enjoy!

This little bee was a bonus in this picture. Though I get the feeling he was giving me the “What are you looking at? “stare.
I tried the digital end of my zoom out on the PowerShot SX260. This Monarch came out pretty good, though it was hard to keep it stable, at the long end of the zoom.
This Indian Blanket is beautiful till the end.