Cool Old Bike As Digital Art

A few days back I posted a very cool old bike. As I worked on my taxes the last couple days I escaped to art as a way to decompress. This rendering of that bike is the result. Not sure if this is a result of my civil duty or simple artistic expression but any of you who are psych majors feel free to weigh in.

IMG_1548 - Copy smart copy copy

Messing With Effects

Late fall I took several macros of a wasp feeding on a Common Wood Aster. I found the process very eye-opening and a new-found appreciation for wasps.So when I found this one today I thought it would be cool to play with a few effects.Now don’t ask me how I got here: I am that person who noodles around till it sings to me then forget how I got there. I am going to attempt to turn this one into digital art. Not sure what medium but oil paint will be my starting point.

DSC06175 copy

A Thank You and An Old Log Home As Digital Art

I have being blogging for several years now and I’m humbled by you here in the blog-sphere. You are gracious with your comments and patient with my attempts at this thing that I do, whatever it is. To you all I’m honored to say “Thank You” and “You all Rock”. I simple want you all to know that and you inspire me to go out see the world through many lenses because of your work and I am better for it.

Now it is confession time: I really enjoy the process of turning my photos into digital art almost as much as I do taking the original picture. The journey has opened my eye to something most know but as usually I am late to the party: A good photo does not translate into a good digital art piece. Now with that bit of obvious out-of-the-way, the truth is it is fun, and challenging, to show your photos in a way that there are two interpretations of the same composition. Well maybe there are three or four….you get the picture. So in that vein here is one of an old log home as digital art.

P1030201 copy

DragonFly as Fine Art

IMG_1478 - Copy (2)

I do not know if others agree but I think this one is a keeper. I have played around with photo effects and find I am very picky as what I call good, well least ways with my stuff. This one I like and would love to have a metal print made of it and to hang it on my wall. DragonFly as fine art, I like it!