My Downsized Recent Photo Project

The last several days have found me hastily finishing up a project for my work. I work in the fundraising arm of a Joint Commission-accredited nonprofit hospice organization. I volunteered to give some of my pictures/ photo-art as part of an auction at an upcoming fundraiser. I started out wanting to have the pieces made into metal photos and canvas photos but with The Bride getting laid off and her starting nursing school full-time, well I had to downsize my goals. I talked to the lady in charge of the event, my manager’s boss, and told her what I was up to: I would use frames, ink and photo-paper from our thrift shop, with my stuff, as a part of the auction. She was very supportive, and as always very positive, in my change of plans due to the changes in our life. Some times you just have to downsize your plans yet still give none the less. So here are the photos I used in this project.

Copy of IMG_9231 - Copy SONY DSC IMG_7751_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_Localtone (2) - Copy HCKWB copy - Copy


Two Photo Merges

Today I am going to act upon a suggestion from Nelson @ A few images, frozen in time and tell you about the software I use on my photos. I use Corel PaintShop Pro X6 because several years ago I got a copy of PaintShop X4 on closeout and two years later I was able to upgrade to X6 just as cheaply.

I use a simple one click photo fix that allows me to sharpen, brighten and adjust shadows and highlights from one place. I like this option since I do not like fiddling with my photos much. Why? I kind of like them as they are but sometimes you just need to give them a little love. Just saying. On the two below photos I used PaintShop’s HDR photo merge and took them with my Canon SX10is. As some of you know I am just getting into DSLR’s but used the Canon because it has an Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) mode where my  more expensive  DSLR’s do not…..lesson here is if you want to do HDR check the camera you are looking at for this function (AEB). You can do this manually but so far my results, read here stuff I like, is better served with the AEB mode. I use a simple approach at this time and choose one of the six defaults PaintShop presents.  I hope that helps anyone looking at getting into HDR even if just as a way t0o express oneself artistically. I hope you enjoy these two photo merges.

IMG_2305_4_6_Localtone IMG_2326_5_7_Localtone

Louisville From The Sunny Side

I hope to get some fresh captures soon but life has me taking captures of people not things right now. Not my strong suit but feeling the need to be stretched and who knows where that experience will take me. So I went back a few clicks in time to when I was back in Indiana visiting my brother. After a great visit I decided to stop by some of my old haunts on my way back home. One of the places I loved to hangout at was on the shores of the Mighty Ohio River. I took this on what is known as The Sunny Side of Louisville and about two feet from the Ohio River itself. I did a HDR photo effects on it to try to get the blues to pop……..Enjoy!


Two To Compare

After years of doing very little to no photo-editing of my photos I begun the search for a good, solid editing and management tool. This was last Fall when this journey began but life has a way of setting our priorities and mine did. Now I finally have the time, and truthfully the energy, to try again. I am leaning heavily towards Adobe Lightroom  and adding other software as plugins. Till then I dug around some photographers I respect and see what they are using.  Steve @ daPonte Photography   uses OnOne Software so I looked at their products and decided to downloaded their freeware Perfect Effects 8. The first photo I used Perfect Effects 8  to give it a light HDR/Grunge look. The second is the original with a brightness/contrast adjustment applied with Paint.NET, a software I stumbled upon while digging around the web..

Next week I am hoping to test drive TopazLabs free trail of some of their software. My buddy Mike @ Mike’s Look at Life does some amazing things with his already solid captures using some of their software. Till then here is Two To Compare.

Edited using Perfect Effects 8
Edited using Perfect Effects 8
Light touch of brightness/contrast using Paint.NET
Light touch of brightness/contrast using Paint.NET

A Couple Of Hand Held HDR Photos

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I had spent the hour I had to kill taking some pics. Since I do not own a good, or even a half-way decent tri-pod I did these hand. With that said any ideas on a good-to-great-very-mobile-lightwieght-full-size-tri-pod?As I wait for replies to this question, here are a couple of hand-held HDR photos.

IMG_0893_2_1_0_89_6_4_Localtone IMG_0983_4_5_79_0_1_2_Detail