Rain Brings The Green Things



Thursday’s Special: Abstract (Response To Guest Challenge)

I am a pretty boring photographer when it comes to being creative. When I read the title of Paula’s Thursday Special: Abstract I had to look up abstract photography and see what it is about. Well now that I am more than a little confused by conflicting definitions and ideas of abstract photography I am not about how I will approach it. Here are five photos I have taking in the last month of so. With the Winter weather and gray days that accompanied them I had to really search for things to shot. This took me out of my comfort zone but the challenge helped me “see” different photography wise. Here they are and you tell me if they are or they are not abstract.

IMG_3361 IMG_2064 copy SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_3148

Past Holding The Present

After being stuck in our home since early yesterday evening something had to give. I broke out the extension tubes, an old Minolta film lense, the A300 and went in search of a few good macro this afternoon. I picked water droplets: Too hard to focus properly but I will try again because I think I can figure that one out. Barb wire barbs: Could not get my back to cooperate with me bending over in the cold temps. I will also try those again in the Spring, all though there will not be snow on them, which was what I was trying to capture. Snow on dead vegetation: Had a little luck with that and non-snow covered dead vegetation. The challenge here was once again the wind. So out of the dozen or so shots I learned a bit and have new goals. Till the next time enjoy this little flower skeleton with snow on it. I thought the wind blew it out of frame but apparently I got this before it did.


Fooling With Light

Last night I was trying to reflect light onto my cat Butterfly’s face, not for fun, but so I could get a few shots of her lovely face. Well let say this I was trying to get her to look up at me and let the light fall naturally upon her but cooperation is not in a cats nature. Since that is the way she rolls I grabbed my windshield sun-deflector and used it to get some light on her face. Thankfully she would look at the deflector and follow it. With one hand a little busy trying to steady the camera and the other light-wrangling the cat here are the results.


The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

Engaging in nature photography is my way of slowing down, keeping things simple, enjoying the moment and simply being. And when I see something for the first time, or in a new light, that is my reward. So when I was photographing these brown wasps as they feed among the White Aster I learned they are more than their reputation, they are a thing of wonderment.


Something Old, Something New


I was looking through photos of a wedding I took last year as the second shooter. I was to take the casual and non-traditional shots as well as group shots. Since The Bride is starting Nursing school in less than two weeks I have looked at ways to supplement our income. One is to do portrait/wedding photography and I looked at those wedding shots to see if I had the right stuff. That is when I came across this photo of the bard that served as a backdrop for group shots. I saw that the “old” barn had a “new” addition and felt it was poetic as a backdrop because of the saying ” Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”