A Little Too Much Flash

Tonight I found this photo I took at the end of this past fall. Since I took this shot I have learned about flash diffusers and thought it would have been nice to had one for this shot. It would have also been nice to have known how to back the flash input down, I know how to do that now, and I should have used a tripod as well.I did shot this at the far end of the zoom to lessen the impact of the flash so the tripod would have been a good thing. But none the less I like the shot and at least I have learned a bit from having a little too much flash.


Around The Place Challenge: My Kicks

Yesterday before going to Thanksgiving I tried to capture some of the snow and icicles as the melted. As I was coming back in I thought I need to take pics of stuff around our house. Since the green and blooming things are not around that will be my challenge once a week. If you feel you can play along as well. Here is this weeks Around The Place Challenge: My Kicks. Other than the text it is an as shot capture.


My Downsized Recent Photo Project

The last several days have found me hastily finishing up a project for my work. I work in the fundraising arm of a Joint Commission-accredited nonprofit hospice organization. I volunteered to give some of my pictures/ photo-art as part of an auction at an upcoming fundraiser. I started out wanting to have the pieces made into metal photos and canvas photos but with The Bride getting laid off and her starting nursing school full-time, well I had to downsize my goals. I talked to the lady in charge of the event, my manager’s boss, and told her what I was up to: I would use frames, ink and photo-paper from our thrift shop, with my stuff, as a part of the auction. She was very supportive, and as always very positive, in my change of plans due to the changes in our life. Some times you just have to downsize your plans yet still give none the less. So here are the photos I used in this project.

Copy of IMG_9231 - Copy SONY DSC IMG_7751_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_Localtone (2) - Copy HCKWB copy - Copy


More Macro From The Day Past

Yesterday I posted a macro picture I took using extension tubes on my Sony A300. For that photo I used a Sony 35mm f1.8 prime lens. Today post features two I took using the same camera and tubes but I used an old manual Minolta lens in place of the Sony lens. The Minolta lens is a MD 28mm f1.8 lens I purchased to use with The Bride’s Minolta X-370 35mm film camera. After discovering I could use an adapter ring to us it on the Sony I was kind of geeked out. The only down side is it can on be used in manual mode and the light metering is not totally accurate. I liked the ethereal feel of the Sony lens but could not figure out how to manually adjust the aperture. On the old Minolta lens that is done by a turning a ring right on the lens so I was able to adjust on the fly. Feel free to comment on which one(s) you like and why. Or not. So here is a couple using new-ish tech and old school-cool lens.


Late Autumn Pollinators

I had to take a break from my one going home projects to get a few snaps in today. Here is one I took using a Sony A300 with a Sony 35mm f1.8 lens coupled to the body by a 7mm extension tube. The tube if manual only so I have a lot to learn but I enjoyed looking at the late Autumn pollinators up close.


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Today’s phase of the project went better than yesterday’s but still no time for new snaps. To wind down I was checking out the reader and found The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy. I took the following shot several months back with my Sony 300 and an old 50mm Minolta lens coupled to the body with an extension tube. Time, and The Bride getting laid off after her position was eliminated has cut into my getting-to-know-this-combo time. Her boss was really first class in the transition of it all and since she is trying to get into nursing school all is well, though kind of wild, and good. Sort of like this picture actually, all dream like and stuff.


An Old Cat’s Kitten Through A New Lens

Meet Dainty Dot , the now around Fifteen-year old kitten of Momma Cat. In my post An Old Cat Through An Old Lens I used a vintage SLR lens in the capture mated to a modern DSLR. In this shot I used a kit lens on a modern DSLR to capture the beauty of this wonderful offspring of a great Queen called Momma Cat. So I present an old cat’s kitten through a new lens.


An Old Cat Through An Old Lens

Meet Momma Cat.  I do not know how old she is but  she has been with The Bride and I for about fifteen-years. When we bought our place the previous owner and our good friend Ms. Sue had not seen her in many months so she thought she was gone for good. Well that was not the case because five or so months after we moved in she brought us a litter of kittens right before a very bad thunderstorm. She knew she had to get her babies to safety and for the next several days the storms caused severe flooding and property damage. She had five-kittens, two of which we gave to new homes, of those left we loss one to cancer and the other to renal failure but she and one of her kittens are still with us.  I felt it was time to get some captures of her and decided to use an old Minolta MD 28mm f2.8 lens in the spirit of her been vintage an all. So fitted with an adapter to work with my Sony A300 I took this and several others with just ambient light. This picture was the only one she sat still for with this lens. I decided not to edit the shot and just enjoy it as is. I present to you Momma Cat, an old cat through an old lens!