A Little Too Much Flash

Tonight I found this photo I took at the end of this past fall. Since I took this shot I have learned about flash diffusers and thought it would have been nice to had one for this shot. It would have also been nice to have known how to back the flash input down, I know how to do that now, and I should have used a tripod as well.I did shot this at the far end of the zoom to lessen the impact of the flash so the tripod would have been a good thing. But none the less I like the shot and at least I have learned a bit from having a little too much flash.



More Thistle Love

As I was waiting for the last load of wood pellets to loaded into the bed of JT I walked about a bit. As is the case more times than not areas that have no importance to a business image or bottom line usually gets little care. It is a case I am sure of “out of sight, out of mind” and in some cases this leads/adds to urban blight. Not the case here because nature has reclaimed the area and made it its own. This is made possible by a man-made drainage ditch which separates the homes, lining the back of this business, from the access road to the loading docks. Along the ditch trees have done well for themselves. This has minimized human intrusion and has allowed a green-space to flourish there. One of the plants growing there is Thistle, which some see in a very negative light. I see them as little filling stations for pollinators and since they have not taking over the green-space here I think it is because nature knows how to take care of its own.¬† So here is some more Thistle love.

DSCN0129 DSCN0136

Bumblebee On Tiny Bloom

After observing Bumblebees the last few years I have made a couple of discoveries: One Bumblebees DO have tongues. I knew this in theory but till you take a picture of a Bumblebee with its tongue out you really do doubt it is so. Secondly is they feed off flower with blooms smaller than they are and they get the job done some how. Amazing pollinators and cool to watch as well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Best Worse Picture So Far

As the storms approach I decided to take advantage of the cloud cover proceeding in to get a few shots in. I once again stubbornly grabbed my extension tubes¬† and camera and went out to give it another try. Well I still am not getting it but in the process I may have taken my best-worse picture so far. This picture is of a Bumblebee face first in a Spotted Jewelweed. You can see it’s front legs holding onto the Jewelweed as one of it back legs seem to be searching for something to grip. Pretty cool stuff even if the shot was way under-exposed and grainy as all get out. I like it!


I Will Bee Heading Out Now

This Bumblebee was flying around our Apple Blossoms and eating well. The thing that amazed me was it was about two-thirds the size of the blooms. Big as it was it was quite agile and very elusive! Every time I tried to line up a shot it would take off! This was the best shot could get of it, it was like it was saying ” I will Bee heading out now!”