Three From Out My Back Window

Like the title says, I took these out my back window. We got right at 10″ of snow and I had a snow day, so I took advantage of it. I moved The Bride’s desk out from in front of the window, dropped the top pane down and enjoyed nature being nature. In a word it was delightful. The birds seemed to be too fast for my point and shots, too far away for my DSLR but just right for me to drink in. So here are three from out my back window.

DSCN0311 DSCN0301 DSCN0313


More Thistle Love

As I was waiting for the last load of wood pellets to loaded into the bed of JT I walked about a bit. As is the case more times than not areas that have no importance to a business image or bottom line usually gets little care. It is a case I am sure of “out of sight, out of mind” and in some cases this leads/adds to urban blight. Not the case here because nature has reclaimed the area and made it its own. This is made possible by a man-made drainage ditch which separates the homes, lining the back of this business, from the access road to the loading docks. Along the ditch trees have done well for themselves. This has minimized human intrusion and has allowed a green-space to flourish there. One of the plants growing there is Thistle, which some see in a very negative light. I see them as little filling stations for pollinators and since they have not taking over the green-space here I think it is because nature knows how to take care of its own.  So here is some more Thistle love.

DSCN0129 DSCN0136

Little Hitchhiker

I was finishing up unloading somethings into the garage earlier today. As I was about to get in this little butterfly decided he was wanting to go for a ride. I was able to walk around and get my camera out of the passenger seat and snap a few shots. s I went to get into the truck the little hitchhiker thought it was better to fly and took off on the next leg of its journey.DSCN0110