A Few From the Place

There is a serenity in Nature that, for me, cannot be replaced by material things. When life gets “to much this or to little that” Nature just keeps on keeping on. Even as we hairless apes try to destroy this beautiful Blue Marble, that is home to almost 8,000,000 million human beings, Nature still gives it best all the while. I find hope in that, I see wonderment and I see beauty even in the ugliness of the insanity of the way we treat it. Here is a few from the place I live.


Three From Out My Back Window

Like the title says, I took these out my back window. We got right at 10″ of snow and I had a snow day, so I took advantage of it. I moved The Bride’s desk out from in front of the window, dropped the top pane down and enjoyed nature being nature. In a word it was delightful. The birds seemed to be too fast for my point and shots, too far away for my DSLR but just right for me to drink in. So here are three from out my back window.

DSCN0311 DSCN0301 DSCN0313

White Blooms Among The Green

I must apologize for the lame, though accurate, post title. As I was finishing up the text on the photos the smoke alarm went off in the kitchen. Tonight though part of my dinner lays is a black smokey heap in the garbage I did learn one thing: The difference in smoke points in olive oil versus sesame oil. Instead of trying to look up this wonderful white bloom I will now post and go to Plan B for dinner.

Digital Camera Digital Camera