A Few From the Place

There is a serenity in Nature that, for me, cannot be replaced by material things. When life gets “to much this or to little that” Nature just keeps on keeping on. Even as we hairless apes try to destroy this beautiful Blue Marble, that is home to almost 8,000,000 million human beings, Nature still gives it best all the while. I find hope in that, I see wonderment and I see beauty even in the ugliness of the insanity of the way we treat it. Here is a few from the place I live.

One of Life’s Little Surprises

This morning after I drank my first cup of Joe and reading¬† the news I headed out to clear my head using my favorite form of therapy: Nature Photography¬† Therapy. Now for those who know about this type of therapy the initial consulting fee (Buying a camera, lens, extension tubes, tripods, extra batteries, etc..) isn’t cheap but it is well worth the investment!


Since about the middle of August I have been waiting for the Jewelweed plants on our place to start blooming. With more than average rain they have bloomed and are thrive much to my delight. The blooms(above photo) are great source of food for Hummingbirds and all types of pollinators. After taking  the above photo I began setting up for a closer shot when I got a little surprise (see photo below). As you can see by the size of the bee that the Jewelweed has a very small bloom but has a big role to play in nature. Till the next time, Peace.