Meller Yeller or A Few Roses

I had a great post ready earlier and was about to post when “it” happened. You see I was using WP “New Post” feature on the tool bar. It started well, like a great first date, then I noticed there was no auto save or save draft feature. That is when the date went bad like week old sushi because mid-post Windows 7 decided to update for no apparent reason. Computer updated. Post gone like a ghost into where ever lost posts go. I tried to recreate the magic of the first post to no avail. So tying into my last post theme of the color yellow is a replacement post. Not as yellow, somewhat more subdued or as we say this side of the creek, a “Meller Yeller” or a few roses for those on the other side.




A Belated Thank You

Since early Spring I have been in running in recovery mode. It is an automated state of being that gets one through a tragedy but at the same time it gives space to a heal from the catastrophic event(s). All through my troubles of last year I have been blessed with understanding, or at least tolerating, people who have helped and encouraged me through dark times. One of those is a couple who have their own set of troubles but have shown me much kindness in spite of their own challenges. They know I like taking pictures and are generous in allowing me to take photos around their place. So here is a belated Thanks for the kind words and prayers.

IMG_0030 IMG_0063 IMG_0021