Meller Yeller or A Few Roses

I had a great post ready earlier and was about to post when “it” happened. You see I was using WP “New Post” feature on the tool bar. It started well, like a great first date, then I noticed there was no auto save or save draft feature. That is when the date went bad like week old sushi because mid-post Windows 7 decided to update for no apparent reason. Computer updated. Post gone like a ghost into where ever lost posts go. I tried to recreate the magic of the first post to no avail. So tying into my last post theme of the color yellow is a replacement post. Not as yellow, somewhat more subdued or as we say this side of the creek, a “Meller Yeller” or a few roses for those on the other side.





A Belated Thank You

Since early Spring I have been in running in recovery mode. It is an automated state of being that gets one through a tragedy but at the same time it gives space to a heal from the catastrophic event(s). All through my troubles of last year I have been blessed with understanding, or at least tolerating, people who have helped and encouraged me through dark times. One of those is a couple who have their own set of troubles but have shown me much kindness in spite of their own challenges. They know I like taking pictures and are generous in allowing me to take photos around their place. So here is a belated Thanks for the kind words and prayers.

IMG_0030 IMG_0063 IMG_0021

A Few Till The Next Time

With the long weekend coming up I suspect I will busy at work the next couple of days. After that I need to finish up a few house projects as well this long weekend. Well not so much as finish them but at lest get them pointed in a positive direction. Till the next time be safe an as always : Enjoy!

I took a picture yesterday of this Rose but  felt like I “missed” the shot I was after. I went back today and it was almost at the end of its bloom. Still beautiful none the less.
Right above the Rose in the proceeding picture was this new Rose about to be born.
I love Hydrangeas! From dead little sticks in the winter to these wonderful and colorful plants in the spring. Their color is decided by the pH of the soil it is in if I understand correctly.

My Twenty-Fifth Post

Since starting my journey in the photo blog sphere I have come to realize a few things about myself. One is I like to display my stuff for others to see. Simply having something an not sharing makes me feel less. Two is I am not that great of a photographer technically but in my life I have stopped doing what I wanted because of a lack of skill. This is not one of those things I will stop doing as long as I am able. Thirdly and lastly, for now any who, is I do not seem to be afraid to shoot in about any type of a atmospheric condition. Here are two pictures taken in the last several days. One a nice sunny day and the other overcast. Enjoy!