A Dew Kissed Fleabne And Friend

Seeing as I was out till a little after four AM, this is all I got but I think for such a little thing it speaks volumes to the senses. Enjoy your day!



Little Mystery Spider

This evening as grill was warming up I grabbed my Canon SX10is and headed to capture something I saw yesterday. Late yesterday evening I spotted something on one of the Fleabane blooms that are on our place. Since I am now a “man of a certain age” my eyes aren’t what they used to be ,I hoped a macro shot would help me confirm it was some type of spider. Well I can say it confirmed that it was something but I still am unable to positively identify it. I still believe it to be spider and am somewhat sure it is of the Orb Weaver family but……. for now it is a little mystery spider.

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Quiet, Lovely Little Fleabane

I took this shot July of 2012 with my Pop’s FujiFilm S5700 after visiting with he and my Mom. Most of my shots suffered greatly during most of 2012 due to many factors: My beloved Canon Powershot S3is died and I had to learn a new camera( minor issue), Pops had a heart-attack due to the stress of being Mom’s diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, and the knowledge that I had just spent the last Mothers I ever would with my Mom. Oh, we also had a family member living with us who was suffering from severe depression. To say 2012 was a hot-mess of a year would be an understatement but I still had nature and photography as my solace. It was a place where I could go and listen to and for the quiet things. It allowed me the space to detect the whisper that is faith and to connect to hope. I found those thing through the lens and in the smallest of things like this quiet, lovely little Fleabane.

Picture 037

Some Fleabane Love

One of natures little wonders on our place is the Fleabane. It is a delightful and delicate looking but very tough plant with many blooms. The flowers are made up of small, thin petals of white or pink (Well at least around here they are) and has a yellow center. They can withstand severe dry or heavy unrelenting rains. And they are wonderful little filling stations for pollinators. Some here is some Fleabane love!

I used my Sp-350 in this capture.
I used my Sp-350 in this capture.

Sunshine Theraphy

I went to the doctor yesterday for a recurring issue and as usually she prescribed me some meds and ordered bed rest. After about seventeen hours of bed “rest” I needed a break. Bed rest wears a person out, how weird it that? So I took a walkabout on our place to soak in some rays. There is not many things on this planet better than Sunshine Therapy!

Here are a few from that walkabout.


More Tiny Treasures

The Fleabane is flourishing on our place and that is fine with me. I can count on them to be available for a photo-op now until the end of July. I needed that availability today since I could not find the new place on our face as I hoped. So I went took a few shots of my ever faithful Fleabane. So here is a Fleabane And A Long-Horned Grasshopper Nymph.

I took this with me Powershot G3
I took this with me Powershot G3

More Little Treasures

The bride to The Boy to the creek today after work. When they came back she told me about a little vine with purple flowers on it she had found. I went with her and The Boy back down to the creek. I found the vines by said little purple flowers about the same time the clouds found the sun. Since I am who I am I took the shot(s) of this little treasure. Below, accompanying the purple flower, is a Fleabane I found with a little moth on it.

IMG_6388 IMG_6399Both the above picture were taken with my Canon Powershot SX10is


A Photo Potpourri

I knew today was going to be mostly cloudy but I was hopeful that the Sun would show up for a few cameos. Well no such luck so I went to my default setting and just took the shot(s). Here is a few from the day!

The fine folks at the road dept have created green spaces at varies entrance/exit ramps. I do not know if this is true all through our fine Commonwealth but it so in my part of it. The poppies are popping and I hope to get back when the sun is shinning and the wind is NOT blowing!
Do you wish, as I do, that old and abandon places could talk?
I love this dog! Meet The Boy! Cute,no?
I was taking a few pictures of a nearby Fleabane when I noticed these wildflowers. I was drawn to the unopened blooms when I noticed this ant. Quite the poser he is!
Fleabane: Filling station for pollinators!

Fleabane: Weed, Herb or Little Bit Of Wonderful ?

What grows on our place is whatever shows up and can survive. And one such plant that make use of our place is a weed (to some), Herb (to others) and a little bit of wonderful to me. Meet the first Fleabane of the season!

I used my Powershot SX10is in the commission of this capture.
I used my Powershot SX10is in the commission of this capture.