Still Waiting

Spring is here but today it was gray once again. So what is a person to do while one is still waiting for green and blooming things? Go to the way-back-files for hope of things to come. Here is one from a summer past.

Click on picture to enlarge and see the coolest sweat bee may be ever.
Click once on picture to enlarge it. This may be the coolest sweat bee ever!

By Comparison

I have posted several shot of the Daisy Fleabane and the pollinators that visit there. So yesterday I took several more shots of them and of the little Sweat Bees that drop by for a fill-up. As I was watching several fly around I thought I should take a picture tat gave you all an idea of their sizes. The first shot is of a Fleabane along side of my Wedding Band by comparison. The second is of one the Sweat Bees on a Fleabane so you can see their size by comparison.