By Comparison

I have posted several shot of the Daisy Fleabane and the pollinators that visit there. So yesterday I took several more shots of them and of the little Sweat Bees that drop by for a fill-up. As I was watching several fly around I thought I should take a picture tat gave you all an idea of their sizes. The first shot is of a Fleabane along side of my Wedding Band by comparison. The second is of one the Sweat Bees on a Fleabane so you can see their size by comparison.


A Sleeping Lady and One Cool Bee

Since the Sun rejoined the party I decided I would go for a little walkabout this morning. The objectives were simple. One: Get to know the full range of my Canon Powershot SX10is a little better. Two: Get a handle on manually focusing my D60 since it does not focus how I think it should. Three: Enjoy this wonderful cool and sunny morning. Mission accomplished.

Since most of my photos are from my Point and Shoots I have not been using my DSLR equipment much at all. I bought them for portrait shooting and have a class I am taking in the Fall to get lined up on that end. Well enough babble. Here are two I took this morning with my Powershot SX10is. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed just being out and surrounded by nature!


Click on pictures for greater detail

Sweat Bees And Lilies

I have had few opportunities, due to the rain and my responsibilities, to get my photo fix  in this week.  After discovering a lovely garden of Lilies I decided to take the shot even thought the conditions were less than favorable. I downloaded the pics and was rooting through them hoping I had done the subjects justice. Well not so much it seems but I had hoped to capture a pattern that I have noticed in the last few years of  my photo-journey: Sweat bees love Lilies!  Well at least around my neck of the woods they do. So here are two of the best of  my mess!