Down Time

I took about an hour or so of this amazing day for a little down time. I have a Olympus SP-350 I bought online for around $7-8 plus shipping. It was an amazing camera in its day and I  have tried to get the most out of it on macro for a while now. As an everyday shooter it is very nice but I have had trouble using the macro since the camera has zero anti-vibration capabilities, well that I can find anyway. And since there was not manual, well I just took off free of such clutter….and knowledge to do as I please with the little bugger! So here are three macro I took today using it. I set up a lawn chair, with my outside cat Butterfly as my helper and went about waiting on that perfect shot……since that didn’t happen you get these instead ;).

For reference as to how small the Wood Aster flower is I used a AA battery to give you a visual reference as to these size. I did this for two reasons: One is to show you how small some pollinators are and two if I can get a good shot of the Bumblebees and the red wasps that feed on them as well. Cool stuff!



Two Flavors of Water Drops


This first photo I took this Summer past and I was trying to capture the essence of the water drops as I perceived them. After many attempts I realized just be there in the moment was more important than the actually capture.


The second one I took this evening as the ice-storm was moving through. As The Bride and I arrived home safe and sound I brought the salt substitute for the steps out of the garage. As I was de-icing the steps I noticed the ice-water droplets on the tree out front. Of course once again was unable to capture the raw beauty but was thankful for the chance. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABe safe and I hope you all enjoy these two flavors of water droplets!