A Wee Lovely Lady



Welcome To The Thistle Stop Filling Station

Once again I have hit a dry spell of new captures. This time it is due to the season opening play at our local Playhouse. Our playhouse rocks, and after a rocky season for The Bride and I,  it was good to see a great start to a potentially great season. As many legs were broken on stage and the night…uh, early morning arrived ,  I had to once again dip into the way-back-files. Here is a capture of several pollinators getting topped off for the road. Welcome to the thistle stop filling station!

I took this several years back with my first "real" digital camera, a Powershot S3is.
I took this several years back with my first “real” digital camera, a Powershot S3is.

As The Day Fades

The sun was rapidly sliding down the day into the approaching dusk as I was mowing the yard. The next few days will be rainy so I just had to stop  to get a few shots in. Here are three from around our place this evening. Enjoy!

These Thistles, along our fence line, are patiently waiting to deploy the last of its thistledown. They will not have to wait long as Autumn is steadily pushing its way into the area.
The Fleabane are all but gone from our place. The only thing that remains are the stalks and the thrones upon which they had once set.
A solitary Grasshopper was a surprise third element of this photo. I was trying to get the contrast between the rust of the fence post and the dead heads of the summers past Golden Rod. As I was focusing a little head pops over the top of the post. I just had to come around and take this shot.

I took all the above photos with my Minolta DiMage S414.





A November Morning

The Bride and I went for a walkabout this fine morning. The Boy was with us and he was delighted by the smells of deer and other furry things on our place. The temperature was somewhat nippy yet wonderfully crisp. Here are a few shots I took with my new-old Minolta DiMage S414 from that walk. Enjoy!