Beauty May Fade……

……but it does not mean something is no longer useful. An example I gleaned from nature is when a flower,bush or plants blooms fade they still provide something to the environment. Here is a Chicory bloom that has faded ,and is about join earth’s very successful recycle program, still proving fuel to a pollinator. So do not worry when beauty fades ones usefulness does not.




After driving umpteen miles for work today, I had to drive an hour plus to my dad’s place. Once there I replaced the radiator on The Brides ride. Since we were using his car he was glad to see me complete the task. On the way home night reclaimed its rightful place and the day move unto the next. With it came the Blue Moon. I was amazed and delighted by the light the Blue Moon was putting out. Since I have had little time to take any new captures as of recent, I went with one I took a few weeks back. Here is a Chicory plant basking in the sun.


A Reflective Sunday Morning Stroll

Though I would love to be, I am NOT a morning person but decide to get up for an early (for me) walkout. What I found was early mornings are a great time for reflection. I felt the what will more than likely the last bit of the nights coolness on my being as I slowly walked about. I breathed in the quite and exhaled the tension of things past. Nice. And as is my normal M.O. I had a camera in my hand. Somethings never change, right?

Though I am still struggling with my Olympus SP-350, as far as the manual setting go, I wanted to try low light shots this morning. Here is one of the two or three decent ones. Enjoy!

On The Fly

Heading home, after picking up some things from our local tractor and farm store, I drove to a place I have been wanting to stop at and take a few shots. I have mentioned before the state has made green spaces at certain highway and interstate exchanges. This particular one has been seeded with wildflowers. The wind was not favorable but I decide to give it a go anyway. I hope to go back before they mow it down but here are a couple on the fly.

Taken with my Olympus SP-350
I tried several times to get a great shot of this bee seemly sleeping in this Chicory Flower but the wind would not cooperate.Taken with my Olympus Sp-350