Sweat Bees And Lilies

I have had few opportunities, due to the rain and my responsibilities, to get my photo fix  in this week.  After discovering a lovely garden of Lilies I decided to take the shot even thought the conditions were less than favorable. I downloaded the pics and was rooting through them hoping I had done the subjects justice. Well not so much it seems but I had hoped to capture a pattern that I have noticed in the last few years of  my photo-journey: Sweat bees love Lilies!  Well at least around my neck of the woods they do. So here are two of the best of  my mess!



Just Noodling Around

Here are several random photos from the day. Enjoy!

Lovely Lilies
Not the the best framed but I like it anyway.
I was blessed to see an owl out at dusk.
A fading rose on a faded fence line.
And more lilies to end the post.