More Tiny Treasures

The Fleabane is flourishing on our place and that is fine with me. I can count on them to be available for a photo-op now until the end of July. I needed that availability today since I could not find the new place on our face as I hoped. So I went took a few shots of my ever faithful Fleabane. So here is a Fleabane And A Long-Horned Grasshopper Nymph.

I took this with me Powershot G3
I took this with me Powershot G3

A B&W Plus Some Rusty Things

I took the following with my PowerShot G3. All the photos are things on our old barn. Hope you enjoy them!

Nailed this shot down with my G3 by playing with the exposure plus the white balance setting.
I love the textural feel of this shot. Old barn wood and a rusty nail are a great combo don’t you think.
A rusty hinge and dry wisps of not-so-long-ago-alive grass.

Poppies And A Stray Iris

The state has planted poppies and several other flowers at interstate exchanges. It reduces the area needing mowed and is very beautiful besides.
I took this picture with my new-to-me-auction-prize Canon G3. Need to learn how to use the thing.....
An into-the-sun shot of a poppy with my Canon G4.
A stray Iris taken with my Canon G3