One Misaligned Vine

Most people think that the Trumpet Creeper Vine is at the very least a nuisance. This is unfortunate since most do not know its part in supporting the ecosystem. Yes it can take over an area pretty quick but with a little due diligence and strategic bushwhacking it can be keep in check. The upswing in doing so is a very beautiful vine and a hummingbird magnet. Here are a few pictures I took with my Canon G3 several years back of this one misaligned vine.

IMG_0502 IMG_0499


Roses Along The Way

I was making a delivery several years back when I came across these understated yet beautiful roses. The fence in the picture looks like it is old but is in fact old wood used to make a decorative accent to a small flower garden. I used my now unusable PowerShot G3 in this shot. I miss my G3 and am glad Canon fixed a design flaw it had on the later generation PowerShots. I am however looking for a way to fix it but  I am happy and feeling blessed  with the cameras I have. So here is some Roses along the way.


It Sings To Me

The past year has been a difficult one for some of the folks in my community. (For the record it does not matter if it is my online community or those I see daily). Life has been quite a bit like, well life, and it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

The last several days have been productive around our place but in that time I have visited some of my community in the hospital and at a nursing facility. Not much time left I am afraid for new captures. So I went to the way-back-files for something to share. As I was looking I found this capture from my old Canon G3 and it sang to me. May it sing to you as well.

DCF 1.0

Daffodils From The Hill: DSLR vs Point and Shot

Below are four captures I took this afternoon of the Daffodils on the Hill. Two of the photos I used my Canon Powershot G3 and two my new-to-me Sony A300. On most of my photos I use Microsoft’s Digital Image Standard 2006 Editor for some one-touch editing/love if I feel it is needed. All four have had the same one touch ” love” applied to them. I have been shooting, since my introduction to the digital world, with point and shoots almost exclusively. I am new to the DSLR world and must admit I take better portrait photos with them than my point and shoots. I feel I take better nature shots, both micro/macro and broad spectrum captures, with my point and shoots. Also it is easier for me to carry around a good point and shoot than my DSLR equipment.

Other than ease of access and size cost is a big issue. I know first hand that DSLR equipment is expensive, well at lest for my budget. I have been able to gather five point and shots for the less than , though just barely, my Sony A300 body alone. With the lenses added in I have come in at about half of the cost for with my point and shoots! There are many opinions, both pro and con, for both formats but I have just one question in this DSLR vs Point Shot debate: Can you tell which camera I used on which capture?




Four MegaPixel Love

Since the rebirth of my PowerShot SX260 HS from its water grave I have decided to use it sparingly. While it rested on rice I used my repaired-by-me PowerShot G3 in its stead. In that week or so I started to  realized how truly awesome this little camera was and still is. So here is a little four megapixel love. Enjoy!

This more than likely will be the last of the Chicory plant blooms for the year. This one was taken on our place this Sunday past.
The leaves of a soon to be sleeping tree adore a good size rock. This was taken this past Saturday.

G3ing It

I recently acquired a Canon PowerShot G3 for a song. I had a lovely little Nikon CoolPix 4600 but half the manual functions stopped working. I gave it to my sister-in-law and it still makes a great every day point and shot.

But I like to dabble with manual controls so I turned to the G3 when I could not find another 4600. Here are a few pictures I took today on my way home from work. I am experimenting with macro photography taken with the zoom only. Here are a few attempts plus one. Enjoy!

Back To Basics

The Canon PowerShot S3is has been a faithful companion in my journey through the lens. I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot Sx260 HS that was quickly becoming my main weapon of choice in this journey.

Several weeks a go a good friend told me she was letting her daughter use her Canon SX10 this summer. I told her she could us the Sx260 HS since she likes journeying through the lens as much as I. Actually a little more than I do I belive and knew NOT having a camera was, well a cruel but noble sacrifice.

So as my SX260 heads out and about to parts unknown I turn back to my S3is and a used G3 I picked up a few weeks back. Here a few I took recently. Enjoy!

An early blooming Chicory plant
A thistle about to bloom.
The head lights of a Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible of unknown age.
A gardner snake in our back yard. Notice the head “puffed out” to imitate the triangle shape head of a poisonous snake.
A saluting Daisy.

Poppies And A Stray Iris

The state has planted poppies and several other flowers at interstate exchanges. It reduces the area needing mowed and is very beautiful besides.
I took this picture with my new-to-me-auction-prize Canon G3. Need to learn how to use the thing.....
An into-the-sun shot of a poppy with my Canon G4.
A stray Iris taken with my Canon G3