One Misaligned Vine

Most people think that the Trumpet Creeper Vine is at the very least a nuisance. This is unfortunate since most do not know its part in supporting the ecosystem. Yes it can take over an area pretty quick but with a little due diligence and strategic bushwhacking it can be keep in check. The upswing in doing so is a very beautiful vine and a hummingbird magnet. Here are a few pictures I took with my Canon G3 several years back of this one misaligned vine.

IMG_0502 IMG_0499

One Till The Next Time

Yesterday I was hoping to get a few hours of face-time with my new-to-me Nikon D60. But as it is more than not in life that did not work out. I did get a few moments to capture the Trumpet Vine I discovered while mowing along the upper fence line. I plan on getting out there today with the D60 but if not here is one till the next time!

I used my Canon Powershot SX10is on this one.
I used my Canon Powershot SX10is on this one.