Daffodils From The Hill: DSLR vs Point and Shot

Below are four captures I took this afternoon of the Daffodils on the Hill. Two of the photos I used my Canon Powershot G3 and two my new-to-me Sony A300. On most of my photos I use Microsoft’s Digital Image Standard 2006 Editor for some one-touch editing/love if I feel it is needed. All four have had the same one touch ” love” applied to them. I have been shooting, since my introduction to the digital world, with point and shoots almost exclusively. I am new to the DSLR world and must admit I take better portrait photos with them than my point and shoots. I feel I take better nature shots, both micro/macro and broad spectrum captures, with my point and shoots. Also it is easier for me to carry around a good point and shoot than my DSLR equipment.

Other than ease of access and size cost is a big issue. I know first hand that DSLR equipment is expensive, well at lest for my budget. I have been able to gather five point and shots for the less than , though just barely, my Sony A300 body alone. With the lenses added in I have come in at about half of the cost for with my point and shoots! There are many opinions, both pro and con, for both formats but I have just one question in this DSLR vs Point Shot debate: Can you tell which camera I used on which capture?




Author: The Jagged Man

I am a 57 year old guy who is asking questions about life like "what does it all mean?" and " how come hair will not grow on my head but grows real fast on my ears and back?" you know the deep stuff. I am married and have been for 26 years to the same wonderful woman( read into that: she puts up with me and I married up). I believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for all. The rest I am still working on.

6 thoughts on “Daffodils From The Hill: DSLR vs Point and Shot”

  1. Nope can’t tell the difference other than I do notice color shifts between the images.
    Just remember camera is merely a tool but a DSLR offers more creative options via the swappable lens. I myself carry a Canon S100 always but also have a Canon 5D MII and a 7D which is my go to for wildlife photos. The major difference though is the sensor size and how large you can print before image quality is lost.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the reminder that a camera is merely a tool. I want to get into some wildlife photography, water fowl and birds within my sphere, but am confused on what lens to look for. It will have to be fast simply because I want to capture them in flight.

      I have a great deal to learn about my DSLR and all it can do if I allow it to.

      On the point and shot front I fell into a deal on a Powershot SX260 HS (for less than sixty dollars at a big box store) but I am afraid to break because I will never replace it for that! So I carry a Nikon Coolpix 5600 and Powershot SX10is in my vehicle at almost all times.

      1. With your sony A series camera you will have to put the focus mode to servo/continuos focus mode and pan with the moving object. That is another thing that Point & Shoots dont handle very well. Take a look at Sigma & Tamron I believe they both have Lenses for Sony mount now. I have a 28-300 Tamron Lens on My Canon 5D MII and it works great.

      2. Thank you for the response and advice. I have come across Sigma lens that seemed reasonable priced on Amazon and Cameta Camera’s as well. I will check them out. Thanks again and I did a quick drop by your place: Very nice captures!

      3. Thank you!
        Tip, on Amazon they have what are called Amazon Warehouse Deals usually listed under the used heading.
        Look for these as most of the time they are simply returned opened box items that cannot be sold as new and at times these are $50-150 cheaper. I have purchased many items a lens, Ipad and camera body this way and all were in perfect condition with no issues.

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