Daffodils From The Hill: DSLR vs Point and Shot

Below are four captures I took this afternoon of the Daffodils on the Hill. Two of the photos I used my Canon Powershot G3 and two my new-to-me Sony A300. On most of my photos I use Microsoft’s Digital Image Standard 2006 Editor for some one-touch editing/love if I feel it is needed. All four have had the same one touch ” love” applied to them. I have been shooting, since my introduction to the digital world, with point and shoots almost exclusively. I am new to the DSLR world and must admit I take better portrait photos with them than my point and shoots. I feel I take better nature shots, both micro/macro and broad spectrum captures, with my point and shoots. Also it is easier for me to carry around a good point and shoot than my DSLR equipment.

Other than ease of access and size cost is a big issue. I know first hand that DSLR equipment is expensive, well at lest for my budget. I have been able to gather five point and shots for the less than , though just barely, my Sony A300 body alone. With the lenses added in I have come in at about half of the cost for with my point and shoots! There are many opinions, both pro and con, for both formats but I have just one question in this DSLR vs Point Shot debate: Can you tell which camera I used on which capture?