Megapixel Myth Intro

I started taking photos in my youth with one of Canon’s first SureShot 35mm cameras. After years of taking little to no photos at all I got my first digital camera in 2004. It was a 2.1 megapixel point & shot HP my Pops gave me. Since then I  have gotten newer and bigger pixel cameras, most used point & shots, and have continued to learn from them. The one thing I have learned is not to chase the pixel, as in this never-ending “my camera is better than yours because I have more pixels than you” war that has being going on for well since there were pixels. Later down the road I will give you my opinion on why more is not better but for now the short answer is this: No camera can take a great shot. It is a combination of skill, learned or natural, following your passion (a.k.a. shooting what sings to you while challenge yourself with that does not sing to you) and technology that makes a great shot.

Here is two pics I took this afternoon with a 4 megapixel Canon point & shot. Since I like rusty things I like both of theses for the texture of them. Till the next time keep taking the shot and always Enjoy!

IMG_2162 IMG_2159

Three From An Old Friend

I have been posting on this blog for about a year and four months. When I started I was using my old beloved Canon Powershot S3is more than not. It was less than three months into my journey as a photo-blogger-dude that my beloved Powershot S3 died. Well not in the literal sense but a fatal lenses error was to much for my lack of technical skills mad skills to  overcome. In some ways I feel it may have been my old friend’s way of paying me back for upgrading to newer tech.

Fast forward to yesterday when  package was awaiting me at our front door. In it was the winning bid of an online auction and one I was glad to see. Here are three from my-new-to-me-Canon Powershot S3is and one of the most versatile point-and-shots out there to date, that is my humble and very biased opinion by the way 🙂

IMG_9092 IMG_9057 IMG_9070