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Two Of The Little Hoverfly

Hoverflies are obviously part of the fly family but also pollinators and apparently very good ones from what I have read.  So today when I was able to catch about thirty-minutes of sunshine I was out and in search of something to photograph. When I spotted these two I spent sometime watching them and soon realize they do not scare away easily so shooting them was relativity easy. So here is two of the little Hoverfly.

IMG_2751 IMG_2763

One On The Fly

The last two days have been an absolute blur! I could give you a punch-by-punch account but I will give you just today’s activities in the Reader Digest condensed version: Up at the butt-crack of dawn and on the road for  run to see my great nice graduate, back to the old hometown to pick up The Brides new peepers and cell phone shop, Lunch, power nap, graduation celebration for a very cool young man I know and love, off to a second celebration for another graduate and finally home. After being gone a total of about fifteen hours today and driving about two-hundred miles I am amazed I remembered to capture a few picks of some fleabane I came upon. So here is one on  the fly.


Watch’a Doing?

Well not taking pictures for one, nor mowing the yard for two…..so watch’s doing? Since the rains and the brake job that- will- never -end have taken a toll on my “time”,  I am reminded of something I said long ago: I cannot wait till I grow up and can do whatever I want. Right ( spread this word out in your mind with a heavy dose of sarcasm)! This grown up gig really can stink sometimes but it can also be….oh shot man it stinks! Seriously. It does but what are going do, you know. You cannot turn back the hand of time but you can take a really cool picture of one……so Wathch’a doing?

I used The Brides Canon SD300 for this one. I used the manual setting adjust both the WB and exposure settings.
I used The Brides Canon SD300 for this one. I used the manual setting adjust both the WB and exposure settings.

Four Megapixel Macro Monday



I took this shot with The Bride’s Canon SD300 using the manual settings mode. Once the exposure setting was set I turned my attention to the white balance (WB). The AWB was not at all accurate so I fiddled around with the WB settings till I felt the capture was more representative of the actual thing. This was hard since the camera has a smallish two-inch screen with no view finder. Other than the small screen and no viewfinder (which no small compact has). Also since this camera came out 2004 or 2005 I am even more impressed by its drive-ability. It is shots like this that show why I love her little camera.

Unsafe At Any Speed

If this title made you think about the Ralph Nader and the Corvair then you are telling your age a bit. But I am not talking about in the title that but about the rollers skates I had as a child: The strap-on-metal wheels type. Of there was the more modern skates available at the time but we could not afford them so I got some similar to these. I used to strap them on  and skate about like a little mad man. Oh we did not have helmets at the time. Nor elbow and knee pads. Looking back I am nostalgic about a lot of things but wonder how I survived my childhood!