One Cool Classsic

I took this on the fly yesterday with The Bride’s Canon SD300. I usually get a better result when I am not in a hurry but we were on are way to meet some friends for dinner. I had to just about 10-seconds to grab a couple of shots and this is the best one. Hope you can look past the flaws of the photo an enjoy one cool classic!


Unsafe At Any Speed

If this title made you think about the Ralph Nader and the Corvair then you are telling your age a bit. But I am not talking about in the title that but about the rollers skates I had as a child: The strap-on-metal wheels type. Of there was the more modern skates available at the time but we could not afford them so I got some similar to these. I used to strap them onĀ  and skate about like a little mad man. Oh we did not have helmets at the time. Nor elbow and knee pads. Looking back I am nostalgic about a lot of things but wonder how I survived my childhood!