A Dragonfly From Awhile Ago


With the temps in the single digits tonight I decided to go to the way-back-files. While I was there I found this dragonfly. Here is to the time I can pursue thee again ol’ flying dragon!

Hanging Tough

I was out and about our place earlier this month trying out my Sony A300. I was having a decent test drive of the Sony  but was not finding much to shoot because of the always present wind that day. I like shooting nature in macro and well wind is not your friend if that is your thing. As I was heading back in when I saw two Dragonflies on some weeds by the fence roll. As I approach one chanced the wind and headed farther into the field but the other, well he just decided to ride it out. So here is one cool Dragonfly Hanging Tough!




A Dragonfly On Our Place

I wish is was a real dragon but a dragonfly is still really cool too. I just wished I could tell them apart because, there seems to be a main type and it’s family on our place, yet there are several others species that come through from time to time. I have no idea where they are going or where they have been but the just show up for a breath in time then off they go. Me? I am left wondering and searching for answers which is a good thing I believe. This photo is of the skimmer family and is a Baskettail Dragonfly I believe…….. none the less here is a Dragonfly on our place.


New Kid On The Block

I think dragonflies are cool. I find the way they move about our place hunting and chasing each other fun to watch. And cool. This year I spotted some new kids on the block so to speak. But about a month ago the dragonflies seemed to disappear from our place. I do not know if the mild summer we had is a contributing factor but they just left. I must admit I was a little bummed out because I had hoped to get some shots of them.

Today as I tried again to capture Hummingbirds in the fields I saw a few of the usual suspects flying about. I suspect the hot weather putting in a late though expected appearance had them back on top of their game. AS I was walking back to the creek I spotted several of Spotted Skimmers and Common White Tailed Skimmers about. As I stopped to get a few shots of a Skipper Butterfly on an Iron weed the following beauty came by. I have not been able to identify it yet but it was small as far as dragonflies go. Getting a good focused shot was difficult but I think you will like the new kid on the block.


Three From An Old Friend

I have been posting on this blog for about a year and four months. When I started I was using my old beloved Canon Powershot S3is more than not. It was less than three months into my journey as a photo-blogger-dude that my beloved Powershot S3 died. Well not in the literal sense but a fatal lenses error was to much for my lack of technical skills mad skills to  overcome. In some ways I feel it may have been my old friend’s way of paying me back for upgrading to newer tech.

Fast forward to yesterday when  package was awaiting me at our front door. In it was the winning bid of an online auction and one I was glad to see. Here are three from my-new-to-me-Canon Powershot S3is and one of the most versatile point-and-shots out there to date, that is my humble and very biased opinion by the way 🙂

IMG_9092 IMG_9057 IMG_9070