A Few Poppies and Something Else

There is a wonderful patch of wildflowers not far from my work. The land is owned by the city but a local doctor seeded it with the flowers several years ago. He pulls up the weeds and watches over it with great care. I stopped by to take pictures of the poppies there, since the state mowed the ones by the Interstate, and found this pink one among the mix.

The “something else” is the white and blue flower pictured below but I have had zero luck in identifying it. If someone knows what it is please leave a comment. Until then enjoy!

IMG_6863 IMG_6828

Using The Zoom

I am using my Powershot SX10is more as of late. I bought it use to replace my beloved Powershot S3is. I have neglected the SX10is because compared to the S3 it is just o.k. So here are a few of nature, on a very windy day, using the long end of the zoom on the SX10is. These were taken without a tripod or mono-pod so I am pleased they came out as well they did. Did I mention it is a very windy day?

IMG_6791 IMG_6797 IMG_6790 IMG_6785

A New Face On Our Place

As I was taking The Boy on his regular evening adventure we came upon a lovely grey cat. It was sleeping in the ex-garden bed  (It is still a garden bed but now it is just one in waiting…as waiting till next year since it did not happen this one!) enjoying the days last rays. That is not the new face though he is the reason I came back out. I wanted to see if I could find him to make sure he was not a lost cat but instead I found something else: Here is the new face on Our Place!

I took this capture with my Powershot SX10is
I took this capture with my Powershot SX10is

A Bee On An Overcast Day

I have been digging the wonderful sunshine since it finally showed up around here but today it took a half day off. I was hoping to get home and take pics of the bees in the apple tree. Seems they took off half the day as well…..the half I wanted to take pictures of them during! Oh well, this fellow decide to buck the trend and showed up for an evening fill up overcast or not. Enjoy!

I took this with my Canon Powershot SX10is
I took this with my Canon Powershot SX10is