We Wee Three

There is a hinge on the old barn on our place that has several nails, in place of a larger one I presume, that fix the door to the hinge. I took the following with my Nikon CoolPix 5600 which is a small as well but not as small as the nails. Enjoy!


Slow Down In A Small Town

This small town, not far were I live, is a roll-up-the-side-walks-at-dark kind of place.The pace is slow and the people are very nice. It is a postcard of a gentler time and place. When I go there it always makes me think of how busy my life is in comparison to days past. So when things speed up I sometime will come here to slow down in a small town.

I used my Coolpix 5600 in for this capture.
I used my Coolpix 5600 for this capture.