First New Shot of the Year

With daylight savings time and Winters arrival now living in our house, and the grey and short days that they bring, I have had little opportunity to take pictures of the things I love most. For those new to my place those things are usually the green things. The bright and colorfully things. The new life things. Or under the microscope of the here and now maybe it is better put as thus: The-things-I-do-not-freeze-my-bum-off-while-I take the shot  things!

With that said I have tried for the last several years to search for nuggets of not so green things and dare to see what treasures I can find. In that spirit here is my first new shot of the year. Enjoy!


A Few From A Rainy Day

I for one like cool, almost Autumn, rainy days. My allergies are less intense and the memories of how hot the summer was is beginning to fade. I also like taking pictures on rainy days. The following are several from a recent rainy day here in my little corner of the world. Enjoy!

I got a little to close for the macro on my pops FujiFilm S700 but I like it anyway 🙂
I love water drops and this Lily has plenty of those!
I was not far enough back to call this a good shot but once again I like it.
This is another missed shot but it still works for me. Because I take pictures in the rain shows you I do not have the good sense to know what I am doing!





One From The Day

As I took a break from my finishing the drywall in the bathroom I had an epitome: A bad day taking pictures beats a good day dry-walling! So off for a walkabout I went. Camera in hand, and a head full of worries and wants, I proceed to untangle my being doing something I love. Here is one from the day.

I took this picture with my pops FujiFilm S700. This flower was about three inches off the ground under and surround by other plants and wild things. Life is everywhere and I find that still to this day to be wondrous.

One For A Dear Friend

One thing about blogging I love is the friendships I have been blessed with here. Here is one for my dear friend at Snow Bird Press. And yes you should visit her place. It is a beautiful and wonder filled place where Art meets Haiku.

This is an untouched shot. I took it with my new toy an PowerShot SX260 HS.

Something Slightly Askewed

As I was taken a few shots on my break today I had an “experience”. Follow the story in the photo captions below. An as always: Enjoy!

I took a close up of this Rose of Sharon with my pops FujiFilm S700. AS is my practice my face and camera were in the bush itself for this shot.
AS I was trying for a different angle I had problems focusing. What?
I peered through the view finder again and was greeted this. Since I take pictures naturally I tried to take a picture of my little hitchhiker. There unfortunately is no super-duper macro setting on my pop’s camera!
I put my little buddy back in the bush. Can you see what I see? Nice camouflage!
Butt the way I see it this post is nothing to sneeze at. I’ll be here through the weekend. Thank you, thank you very much!

A Few From An Overcast Day

Here are a few from this overcast Labor Day. Enjoy!

New, to me, type of yellow flower that is now growing on our place. I guess I need to goggle it and see but not now.
I love rusty old things, so every once in a while I will shot a few pics of this old cattle gate on our place. The rain makes it look as if the rusty is silently weeping.
We hung up hummingbird feeders this year for the first time. Today was the first real opportunity I had to take a crack at catching one with my camera. I like it but there is much work to be done and needed skills acquired to shot hummingbirds.