My Assistant PhotoEditor


Tonight I have something new: An assistant photo editor. Butterfly decided that temperatures in the single digits, or lower, was an OK excuse for letting me kidnap her and bring her inside.Since being inside she has taking over the study or more specific The Bride or my desk. She would occupy both at the same time if she could I assure you…sigh. So meet my assistant photo editor.


Meet My Little Friend The Canon S3is

The second digital camera I bought is also been my favorite. It is a Canon PowerShot S3is and it is a solid, versatile and competent camera. After a visit to my place from manojuchila @ Goosby’s Photography  I toured his place. I then started to appreciate the Canon line of PowerShot S series more. He uses a PowerShot S5is as well as a Canon compact SD series camera.

So I would like you to meet my little friend the Canon S3is, well at least the world through its lens. Enjoy!

A dandelion sending off it pods to take over the world.
Pretty yellow flowers on top of weeds growing in the yard.
White flowers blooming on the top of weeds in the yard.
I love the contrast between the hardness of the rusty post and the soft touch of the flowers.