Magnolia Blooms Silently Weeping



Local Brew

Music is and has always been my best friend. Seasons change, people change but music has always been a constant in my life so and when a new acquaintance ask if I couldĀ  accompany him on the drums my curiosity was peaked. I agreed to meet him to go over the songs I would be helping with. We met outside a coffee shop that I have been known to frequent when the funds allow. Before he got there though I grabbed my Sony A3000 and set about making the best of the last of available light the had to give.Since I like coffee and photography the following photos were inevitable. All three are slightly edited but close to the original as they can be with me using a few of the Sony A3000’s many shooting options. Here are three takes on a very cool coffee shop.

Being Irish Once A Year

The Bride and I have Celtic roots though they be a wee bit distant. Once a year we get to feed those Celtic roots with a bit of music, food and laughter. Here are some pictures of us being Irish once a year.


One of the hardest workers here: This Fish & Chips dude!


I love to see couples and children dancing to the pipes, fiddle and bodhran!



The musicians, singers and story tellers.


And some of the second busiest set of folks: The Stout, cider and malt beverage crew!


And last but not least: Fish & Chips!