Small Venue Music Rules

The Bride and I had been suffering from cabin fever till we were cured by small venue music. Thanks LaDonna @ Wild Earth Gallery & Gifts for this gift. Peace Lady LaDonna ~ John



Mellow Vibe

The photo here is one I took Saturday night at a little art gallery/pub. I worked all day and met The Bride and some friends for dinner and after a little walkabout our hometown’s small downtown. After that we stopped by to cap off our night with some live music and coffee. The photo is unedited and I find it to have, like the music, a mellow vibe.


Keepin’ It Simple

I love live music and the more intimate and simple the space and set up is the better. Saturday night we attendedĀ  a house concert and BBQ that fit the bill for that. The rain is every present in our area right now, it’s a good thing not a bad thing, so the musicians had to set up in a small portable gazebo. Here is to keepin’ it simple.