An Old Stillhouse Sort Of

The Bride and I meet up with some old friends a few weeks back and headed over to Clermont, Kentucky. We toured the Jim Beam distillery and drank in some of the legend and lore of the place. This building is called the Jim Beam American Stillhouse. I call it a tourist trap with flair but without all the hokey and cheesy souvenirs that most other places have. I love the look and feel of the place and wanted to share a photo I took of the Still house. From their website is this description of the Stillhouse,  “The Jim Beam American Stillhouse has got more than a few picturesque sights. The building itself is a replica of a 1940’s stillhouse, along with the actual staircase from our original historic stillhouse.”



Keepin’ It Simple

I love live music and the more intimate and simple the space and set up is the better. Saturday night we attended  a house concert and BBQ that fit the bill for that. The rain is every present in our area right now, it’s a good thing not a bad thing, so the musicians had to set up in a small portable gazebo. Here is to keepin’ it simple.


Inbound Bumblebee

I was having a bit of a time taking photos of the Spotted Jewelweed on our place due a wonderful, yet aggravating-to-my-attempts, breeze. The way they hang under the broad, protective leafs of the plant they do not have to have large stems for them to survive. So at a brief break in the breeze I snapped away and it was not till I downloaded this picture did I find out I was photo-bombed by and inbound Bumblebee!


Sun Porch

I love the little Spotted Jewelweed almost as much as Hummingbirds and Bumblebees. Almost. At this time of year they are blooming in spades on our place and the Hummingbirds and Bumblebees are busy feeding. Since I have been a little to busy and distracted to patiently seek out spots to photograph the birds and the bees here is one of a Spotted Jewelweed under its sun porch.