Pollinators Rock

Today after finishing a few tasks around our place I went for a walkabout in search the semi-perfect Hummingbird capture. Since that did not happen I went in search of a Monarch, Viceroy or Swallowtail butterfly capture. Strike Two! “Well now”, I said to me “just look about, breath in and something will come to you.”¬† It did. I took the following within a few feet of each other and it blesses my to no end to see the diversity of pollinators on our place. Pollinators Rock!




Seeking Shelter From The Rain

I took a little walkabout of our place after the latest rain shower paused till the next wave arrives. I am glad we are getting what I hope will turn be a couple of days of gentle, consistent rain. As I walked along the side field I saw this Bumblebee hanging under the blooms of a plant as if seeking shelter from the rain.


Inbound Bumblebee

I was having a bit of a time taking photos of the Spotted Jewelweed on our place due a wonderful, yet aggravating-to-my-attempts, breeze. The way they hang under the broad, protective leafs of the plant they do not have to have large stems for them to survive. So at a brief break in the breeze I snapped away and it was not till I downloaded this picture did I find out I was photo-bombed by and inbound Bumblebee!