Seeking Shelter From The Rain

I took a little walkabout of our place after the latest rain shower paused till the next wave arrives. I am glad we are getting what I hope will turn be a couple of days of gentle, consistent rain. As I walked along the side field I saw this Bumblebee hanging under the blooms of a plant as if seeking shelter from the rain.



Red-Winged Black Birds Are Back……

…..maybe. We have not had Red-winged blackbirds on our place for many years now. This past Sunday I saw a Male and Female in what appeared to be a mating ritual. My hope is there is other such as these around the area. The first photo is of a male in the underbrush. I spotted him by his call and once I looked in the calls direction the red of the wings were easy to find. The second photo is of a female and the shot is not to great because I was into the digital end of the zoom. The third is of the male again shaking his wings and making a bunch of noise. I hope they stay and if they do once they settle in I will try to get more captures.

IMG_1224 IMG_1262 IMG_1231