Small Venue Music Rules

The Bride and I had been suffering from cabin fever till we were cured by small venue music. Thanks LaDonna @ Wild Earth Gallery & Gifts for this gift. Peace Lady LaDonna ~ John


My Assistant PhotoEditor


Tonight I have something new: An assistant photo editor. Butterfly decided that temperatures in the single digits, or lower, was an OK excuse for letting me kidnap her and bring her inside.Since being inside she has taking over the study or more specific The Bride or my desk. She would occupy both at the same time if she could I assure you…sigh. So meet my assistant photo editor.

The Boy and His Bed…Sorta

Our nephew and his fiance gave us a dog bed for The Boy for Christmas. Now this may seem like strange Christmas gift but we love our dog and they asked what we wanted. Now finding a bed for a Corgi can be a challenge for those who do not own Corgis. None the less the bed was perfect and the boy loves it. So does Jerry O’ TomKat and that should explain the post title just fine….

DSC00563 DSC00576