My Assistant PhotoEditor


Tonight I have something new: An assistant photo editor. Butterfly decided that temperatures in the single digits, or lower, was an OK excuse for letting me kidnap her and bring her inside.Since being inside she has taking over the study or more specific The Bride or my desk. She would occupy both at the same time if she could I assure you…sigh. So meet my assistant photo editor.

The Boy and His Bed…Sorta

Our nephew and his fiance gave us a dog bed for The Boy for Christmas. Now this may seem like strange Christmas gift but we love our dog and they asked what we wanted. Now finding a bed for a Corgi can be a challenge for those who do not own Corgis. None the less the bed was perfect and the boy loves it. So does Jerry O’ TomKat and that should explain the post title just fine….

DSC00563 DSC00576

Mellow Vibe

The photo here is one I took Saturday night at a little art gallery/pub. I worked all day and met The Bride and some friends for dinner and after a little walkabout our hometown’s small downtown. After that we stopped by to cap off our night with some live music and coffee. The photo is unedited and I find it to have, like the music, a mellow vibe.


My Teddy Bear

This is my Teddy Bear. We rescued him back in 05′ and he was a scrawny little kitten with a very serious respiratory infection. I had to teach him how to be a kitten since his momma was not around. I had to show him how to use the litter box…………no I did not do that but I would put him in it when he looked like his little legs were crossing. After he did his “business” I grabbed his front paws and showed him how to cover up. After the second time he was fully trained. There was me teaching him how to feed from a bottle so I could get him to take his meds. He recovered well and other than a problem with left ear he is fat, sassy and happy. So everyone meet my Teddy Bear!



This is our youngest cat Julie. I call her Jewels’ because she is quite preciousness and she trills instead of meowing, it is a soothing sound and very cool besides.  I wrote a short poem about her and her mother Butterfly back in 12′.

“Golden-Eye Stray

Brought Gift Of Same

A Little Triller”

Author: The Jagged Man

Here she is grown up and all. Julie, aka Jewels’


Our Boy

I am now back on the kitchen remodel for what is turning out to be phase 2 of a “simple” remodel. The next phase is to open up the living room/dining room by  removing a load bearing wall.We have a builder helping us but that is not going to happen till after the New Year because my point man on that project is busy till then. In the mean time I will finish the base cabinets and install the dishwasher, post old stuff, take some inside macro shots and shot as much as the weather allows of things in my corner of the world. Right now I am using unabashed cuteness to drive up my blog stats 😉 by posting a picture of Our Boy.