Our Boy

I am now back on the kitchen remodel for what is turning out to be phase 2 of a “simple” remodel. The next phase is to open up the living room/dining room by  removing a load bearing wall.We have a builder helping us but that is not going to happen till after the New Year because my point man on that project is busy till then. In the mean time I will finish the base cabinets and install the dishwasher, post old stuff, take some inside macro shots and shot as much as the weather allows of things in my corner of the world. Right now I am using unabashed cuteness to drive up my blog stats 😉 by posting a picture of Our Boy.


Wait For It……..

The Boy likes to work. He was bred to work and since we do not have livestock we play “L-L-A-B” with him to give him peace of mind that he is doing his job. Now you maybe asking what ” L-L-A-B” is, well that is ball spelled backwards. You see if we mention the word ball or spell it as it should be he lose his every-lovan’-puppy-mind! So we spell it backwards as not to strain his brain. The hardest thing for The Boy to do is simply put wait for us to throw the ball. He also is the cutest as he anticipates the next throw. So here is a picture of The Boy at his job and….wait for it….!