Our Corgi Teddy loves to go for rides. So when I went out to run a few errands he rode shotgun with me. Now I have to confess that when we go through drive-troughs he always, I mean ALWAYS, thinks he is going to get a treat. Some times he does so I get it when he gets that “expectant” look on his face. So when I had to get some cash from the our bank’s ATM he started off with the “expectant” face shown here.


When I told him it was not that kind of drive through he gave me this face: What?


Enjoy this face as much as we do!

The Difference Twelve Or So Hours Make

The day greeted me with a few inches of sleet covering a thin blanket of  ice. It did make our old barn look quite nice but several hours after this shot it was getting serious and I though “Here we go again”.IMG_0763

By the end of the day we had sunshine and The Boy was happy as we were.