A Photo Potpourri

I knew today was going to be mostly cloudy but I was hopeful that the Sun would show up for a few cameos. Well no such luck so I went to my default setting and just took the shot(s). Here is a few from the day!

The fine folks at the road dept have created green spaces at varies entrance/exit ramps. I do not know if this is true all through our fine Commonwealth but it so in my part of it. The poppies are popping and I hope to get back when the sun is shinning and the wind is NOT blowing!
Do you wish, as I do, that old and abandon places could talk?
I love this dog! Meet The Boy! Cute,no?
I was taking a few pictures of a nearby Fleabane when I noticed these wildflowers. I was drawn to the unopened blooms when I noticed this ant. Quite the poser he is!
Fleabane: Filling station for pollinators!