The Boy and His Charge

I was searching the- way- back files when I came across the following photos. We were watching our friends little puppy while they were out-of-town. The Boy was a trooper and let the little one chew on him and chase him around unceasing till the both were too pooped to play any more. He showed great care and patience with her I must say because I had to take her to work with me and she was a hand full! I love that stinking dog!





Shameless Use Of Cuteness

Really there is not much to add that the title does not say. These are the Folks dogs, Little Bit and Grace.

Little Bit is a rescue dog my mom adopted. Cute, no?
Miss Grace, or Grace for short, was rescued by The Bride and I. She was wandering around a very busy intersection that saw a lot of off and incoming Interstate traffic. That is another story in and of its self but we gave her to Pops. She landed in a very good place. Cute, Yes?